Mushroom Velouté

1.0 kg
9.99 $

Craving a creamy mushroom soup? Discover the mushroom velouté from Maison Thiriet. Crafted with straightforward and premium ingredients, this dish is ready for swift preparation any time of the year....

Vegan Minestrone With Quinoa

550 g
7.99 $

You'll love our reinvented minestrone soup! Our new recipe surprises the palate while keeping you feeling great with its high-fibre content and nutrients. Prepared in an entirely vegan and gluten-free...

Gluten-free Carrot and Ginger Soup

550 g
7.99 $

You'll love the fiery flavour of ginger in this delicious gluten-free carrot ginger soup. Made with only fresh ingredients, it's pre-cooked and then immediately frozen to ensure unrivalled taste and...

Gluten-free Green Pea Soup

550 g
7.99 $

Adding more green to your diet has never been easier! Be seduced by our delicious green pea soup made from fresh, local ingredients. The whole family will love its fresh...

Gluten-Free Roasted Tomato Soup

550 g
7.99 $

Savour every bite of our vegan and gluten-free tomato soup from VG Gourmet. Comforting you like a warm sweater, it's prepared in Montreal with top-quality ingredients. The whole family will...

Frozen Pumpkin Soup

1.0 kg
10.99 $

Our tasty pumpkin velouté is a silky-smooth soup that is subtly sweet and prepared with a hint of creme fraiche. This easy-to-portion pumpkin soup is the perfect starter for an...

Discover our selection of appetizers, bites, and delicious starters, specially crafted to delight your taste buds during your gatherings and time with friends. Whether you're hosting a get-together with friends, a family celebration, or a festive gathering, our frozen products will exceed all your expectations. Immerse yourself in the world of flavorful hors d'oeuvres and be captivated by our exceptional choice of exquisite bites. For seafood enthusiasts, our salmon-based preparations are a true delight. Expertly crafted, they provide an explosion of flavors in every bite and add a touch of elegance to all your special occasions. Our delicious recipes perfect for entertaining will allow you to shine in the kitchen without the stress of preparation. Whether you aim to impress your guests with refined appetizer bites or indulgent starters, our diverse selection offers a multitude of choices to satisfy every palate. Whether it's an intimate evening or a grand reception, our frozen products are easy to prepare and guarantee exceptional results every time.

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