Dauphine Potatoes (Potato Puffs)

1.0 kg
13.99 $

Less known in Canada but highly prized by French cuisine, dauphine potatoes provide a superior way to enjoy your spuds, and we want to introduce them to you! Light and...

Sarladaise Potatoes

600 g
9.49 $

Sarlat potatoes originate from Sarlat in south-western France. Absolutely delicious, these finely sliced potatoes cooked with garlic and duck fat are the perfect accompaniment to your meats and poultry.

French Fries with Duck Fat

500 g
8.99 $

These crispy potato fries are already seasoned and cooked in duck fat for a unique taste you won't want to do without! Made in the South West of France, these...

2 chocolate fondants

180 g
9.49 $8.49 $

If there's one Cool&Simple product you should try, it's these delicious chocolate melts! Cooked according to a traditional recipe with butter, eggs, sugar and good chocolate, these comforting desserts will...

4 Sam's Vanilla Ice Cream, Meringue and Praline

270 g
12.29 $

Enjoy this refreshing frozen dessert made of vanilla ice cream with a meringue heart, and covered with a praline coating.

2 Chicken Tournedos with Bacon

300 g
11.99 $9.29 $

Light up your BBQ! This classic meal will make even the neighbors salivate. Already seasoned, this chicken breast prepared in Quebec and coated with bacon is perfect for a family...

4 Highland Beef Patties

440 g
18.99 $

Have you ever heard of Highland beef? It is a lean red meat, well-marbled and very tasty. Highland beef comes from a family farm in Austin, Quebec, a local and...

Candied pork cheek

300 g
19.99 $

For an original dinner, serve these tasty pork cheeks, cooked slowly in duck fat. The ultimate in tenderness! And why not serve them with our famous potato gratins for a...

2 Neapolitan chicken bundles

340 g
15.99 $12.49 $

A fresh and tasty Italian recipe! Bite into these tender and juicy chicken breasts stuffed with parmesan cheese, pesto and sundried tomatoes.

6 merguez 100% lamb

300 g
15.99 $

Decorate your summer BBQ with a great classic; the merguez sausages! With a balanced and slightly spicy taste, these merguez are 100% lamb and without nirtrite.

5 Raspberry Tartlets

550 g
18.00 $

Raspberries, Sugars (sugar, invert sugar syrup), Wheat flour, Concentrated butter, Water, Eggs, Ground almonds, Redcurrant, Pectins, Corn starch, Agar-agar, Salt, Sodium carbonates, Diphosphates.

Layered Chocolate Caramel Cake

320 g
19.99 $

Taste heaven with our 6-layer chocolate caramel cake. This chocolate-caramel layer cake is a real treat for the senses with its cocoa biscuit base, milk chocolate crunch, dark chocolate mousse...

Pulled Pork Shoulder with Fine Herbs

530 g
13.99 $11.79 $

The art of American BBQ made easy. Our pulled pork shoulder features a special mix of fine herbs, garlic, and mildly fiery spices. Enjoy a ready-to-cook dish, perfect to pair...

BBQ Chicken Wings

700 g
14.99 $7.50 $

Our Québec BBQ chicken wings boast delicious, all-natural flavours! Made from Québec-raised chickens without artificial colouring or preservatives, these game-time goodies are undoubtedly the best frozen chicken wings you'll taste....

Maple and Chokeberry Pork Tenderloin

20.99 $14.79 $

Try our pork tenderloin stuffed with chokeberries and maple. This pork roast features a tasty blend of signature ingredients, perfect for every season or any meal of the day!Made in...

Pork tenderloin stuffed with chorizo

600 g
20.99 $14.79 $

For a flavourful and comforting addition to your menu, Cool&Simple presents its stuffed pork fillet with poultry and chorizo. Easy to prepare, it's best enjoyed with your favourite sides and...

10 Greek Chicken Souvlaki Skewers

800 g
29.99 $25.99 $

Want to add Greek flavours to the dinner table? Discover our delicious pre-prepped chicken souvlaki skewers, simplifying your everyday eating! Enjoy tender, juicy, and tasty bites, perfect for pairing with...

2 Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Drumsticks (1kg)

1.0 kg
16.99 $

Looking for a simple, tasty meal that satisfies both kids and parents? Try our delicious bacon-wrapped turkey drumsticks. Made with turkey, pork bacon, and cranberries from Québec, these delightful treats...

Frozen Blueberry Pie

480 g
15.99 $

Love blueberries? Discover them in a different light with our delicious European blueberry pie. Made with whole blueberries and a fruit purée nestled in a shortcrust pastry, it's a treat...

Frozen Asian-style Ribs

475 g
14.99 $13.29 $

For a delicious meal, serve our tasty Asian-style ribs made with simple ingredients. With notes of ginger, spices, and a hint of sweetness, these ribs offer big flavour with every...

12 Brioche Burger Buns

600 g
10.79 $

Soft Brioche Burger Buns : Elevate your burgers with our Soft Brioche Burger Buns. These buns, tender and easy to fill, transform any burger into a culinary event. Crafted from...

6 Brioche Hot Dog Buns

270 g
4.99 $

Tasty Brioche Hot Dog BunsUpgrade your hot dog game with our Tasty Brioche Hot Dog Buns. Transform a classic snack into a gourmet treat with buns that make each hot...

Red Berry Cheesecake

805 g
25.99 $

Red Berry CheesecakeImmerse in the flavourful world of our Red Berry Cheesecake, the latest from L'Atelier Sucré by Marie-Ève Langlois. This dessert features a homemade oat crust and a supremely...

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