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Twelfth Night Cake

550 g
14.99 $7.50 $

Who will find the bean and be the King? This Twelfth Night Cake (also known as King cake) is a 100% butter puff pastry filled with frangipane composed of almond...

2 Coquilles St-Jacques with Champagne

200 g
15.49 $

Tasty and elegant shells garnished with scallops, cream and white mushrooms, in a creamy Champagne sauce.

12 Cooked Escargots

120 g
12.99 $

If you appreciate the delicacy of snails in garlic butter, you’ll be head-over-heels for our frozen escargots. Served in their shells and prepared with aromatic parsley butter, they’re a highly...

2 salmon tartars

120 g
12.99 $

Melt for this subtly seasoned raw Atlantic salmon tartar for a fresh appetizer. Prepared in Quebec.

12 Snail Crisps

960 g
12.49 $

Discover a new way to enjoy escargots with our famous crispy recipe! The delicate flesh is served atop edible crispy shells and garnished with garlic-and-parsley butter. Served as a starter...

Wild Scallops Bacon Wrapped

250 g
18.99 $

Treat your taste buds with these delicious soft scallops wrapped in crispy bacon. Presented on their wooden spike, for a 100% convenient aperitif. Plus, they are cooked in Quebec! Why...

2 Coquilles St-Jacques with Seafood

220 g
14.49 $

Delicious St-Jacques shells stuffed with scallops, shrimp and mussels in a white sauce and topped with grated Emmental cheese. Served in a real shell, they will be perfect for an...

4 Boursin Cheese Pastry Baskets

320 g
8.99 $

The perfect combination of Boursin cheese with a pure butter pastry... Green salads will not be able to live without this delicious appetizer!

2 Vegetable & Goat Cheese Fondants

210 g
7.99 $

Delicious mashed potatoes, quick and easy to prepare! Cooked with only the best cream and butter. Portionable product in pebble form, for ease of use.

10 Plain Breaded Torpedo Shrimps

300 g
13.99 $

These tender shrimp coated in a crispy breading will be delicious with a lightly spicy mayonnaise. No colouring, no artificial flavours. Certified "Best Aquaculture Practice".

Breaded Coconut Shrimps

340 g
13.99 $

Add an exotic touch to your holiday meals with these crispy shrimps coated in a delicate coconut breading. No artificial colors, no artificial flavors. Certified "Best Aquaculture Practice".

Ocean Wise Certified Smoked Rainbow Trout

100 g
10.49 $9.44 $

As an appetizer or aperitif, replace the traditional salmon with thin slices of smoked Quebec trout. Refinement and success guaranteed! This species is Ocean Wise certified (sustainable fishing).

Acras Cod Balls (Fried fish balls)

300 g
6.99 $

A must for aperitifs, cod acras are small fritters made from a mixture of cod, mashed potatoes, garlic, and parsley.  A beloved streetfood in the Caribbean, these fried fish balls...

Mini Blinis Cocktail

300 g
12.49 $

Are you having guests over? Don't fret! Serve these mini Russian crepes as a base for sweet or savoury finger food, with multiple options for toppings.

Mini Blinis

135 g
6.99 $

Are you having guests over? Don't fret! Serve these Russian crepes as a base for sweet or savoury canape, with multiple options for toppings.

Matane Shrimps - Baked

350 g
14.99 $

The best shrimps! Already cooked, these delicious shrimps are fished in Gaspésie or on the North Shore and then transformed in Matane at the Fruits de mer de l'Est-du-Québec plant,...

Cooked Duck Breast

460 g
29.99 $

This holiday season, treat yourself to a fabulous pre-cooked duck magret from Quebec! Our duck breast is cooked very slowly sous vide with minimal ingredients to bring out its exceptional...

Pulled Pork Tourtière

600 g
17.99 $

Amateurs de repas des Fêtes traditionnels, soyez réjouis, car nous avons trouvé la recette de tourtière du Québec la plus gourmande qui soit! Notre fameuse tourtière au porc effiloché vous...

Creamy Polenta

300 g
15.49 $

A delicacy from northern Italy, creamy polenta is gaining popularity in Quebec. Its delectable texture coats the palate and soothes the soul. Ours is exceptionally smooth and rich with an...

4 Potato Gratins

480 g
10.99 $

Discover our authentic dauphinois gratin! Made according to the traditional recipe from thin slices of potatoes, cream, Emmental cheese and flavoured with a touch of nutmeg, these gratins dauphinois are...

Potato Puree

1 kg
10.99 $

Delicious mashed potatoes, quick and easy to prepare! Cooked with only the best cream and butter. Portionable product in pebble form, for ease of use.

Cooked and Seasoned Asparagus

300 g
8.49 $

Enjoy the delicate flavour of spring asparagus year-round, thanks to deep freezing! Our sous vide asparagus are hand-picked and cooked right here in Quebec before being frozen to preserve flavour,...

Cooked and Seasoned Golden Beets

300 g
8.49 $

Add a fresh splash of colour to the dining table by swapping out red beets with our cooked and seasoned golden beats, grown and prepared in Quebec with love. Their...

Cooked and Seasoned Brussels Sprouts

300 g
6.99 $

How do you get the whole family to eat Brussels sprouts? Cool & Simple has the answer! Our buttery sous vide Brussels sprouts are tender and tasty. Seasoned with salt...

Countryside Mushroom Blend

1 kg
13.49 $

Always have delicious mushrooms on hand to use in your recipes! Mixture of wild and cultivated mushrooms: oyster mushroom, bolete, shiitake and pholiote. Perfect in pasta, risottos, omelettes or as...

Pre-cooked Rice for Risotto

1 kg
9.99 $

With this pre-cooked risotto rice, you will become the king of Italian cuisine! Mushroom, shrimp, asparagus and even lobster risotto, let your imagination run wild! Ultra fast cooking in only...

Truffle Lunettes

500 g
25.99 $

Imported from Italy

Scrigni with Burrata di Puglia

288 g
12.49 $

For lovers of authentic Italian pasta! This tasty pasta is topped with Burrata cheese (61%) and extra-virgin olive oil for a delicate and refined taste. Taste it, you'll be conquered,...

Shrimps, Crab & Lobster Tortelli

500 g
26.49 $

If you love seafood, these authentic stuffed ravioli are made for you! Made with shrimp, lobster meat, crab meat and ricotta and Grana Padano cheeses, they will make every meal...

Smoked Lardons

150 g
10.49 $

Lardons are pork bacon cut into small pieces. Think of them as bacon nuggets—little bites of happiness! Smoked bacon lardons are great additions to pasta, risottos, quiches, stews, salads, roasted...

Fauchon Chocolate Tart

430 g
16.99 $

It's a fact, consuming chocolate increase happiness! Melt over the unparallelled sensation of praline and chocolate ganache in a pure-butter shortbread crust. Happiness starts with this perfect Fauchon chocolate pie!

Fauchon Lemon Tart

450 g
16.99 $

Discover the haute couture of French pastry with this Fauchon pie made of lemon ganache and almond feuilletine on a base of pure-butter shortbread.

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