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Fauchon Chocolate Tart

430 g
16.99 $

It's a fact, consuming chocolate increase happiness! Melt over the unparallelled sensation of praline and chocolate ganache in a pure-butter shortbread crust. Happiness starts with this perfect Fauchon chocolate pie!

12 Party Time Mini Desserts

420 g
17.99 $

Delight your guests with these cute little desserts inspired by French fine pastries. Assortment of 12 mini desserts: 3 framboisiers, 3 opera, 3 chocolate hazelnut crips, 3 caramel crisps

4 Frosted Oranges

480 g
13.99 $

Beneath little orange peel hats hides an ultra-refreshing orange sorbet!

4 Frosted Lemons

270 g
13.99 $

Need to freshen up? Bet on originality with this lemon sorbet presented in its natural bark.

4 Frosted Coconuts

315 g
13.99 $

Need to freshen up? Bet on originality with this coconut ice cream presented in its natural bark.

Blueberry Pie

430 g
12.99 $

An all butter shortbread crust covered with a raspberry compote and a bed of whole blueberries. This blueberry pie is to die for!

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