Vegan Ice Cream Caramel O'Cacao

Are you vegan and eat a gluten-free diet? Then this ice cream is for you!
Made with coconut cream, organic sugar and sprinkled with pieces of gluten-free and egg-free cookies, enjoy this vegan ice cream wherever and whenever you want thanks to its small and convenient format!
Poids: 108 g
Regular price $3.95
Keep at -18°C / 0°F.
coconut cream, water, cane sugar*, inverted sugar*, coconut oil*, cocoa butter, vanilla extract (water, alcohol 35%, vanilla bean extract), guar and carob gums, salt. Biscuit: gluten-free flour (tapioca starch*, brown rice*, oat*, millet*, green lentil*, amaranth*, potato starch*, baking powder without alum, xanthan gums), cane sugar*, water, sun-flower oil, cocoa, vanilla extract, corn starch, salt, baking soda. (* certified organic)