Tandoori Salmon

Montreal-Bombay in 10 minutes! Enjoy this recipe that combines salmon and tandoori spices sauce with black rice and vegetables. Perfect for an exotic lunch!
8 portions
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Cook from frozen. Remove tray from its packaging. Do not remove or perforate the plastic film. Cook for about 6 minutes in a microwave oven. Let stand for 1 minute before serving. Cooking time may vary depending on oven wattage.
Cooked black rice (black rice, water), salmon, peeled and crushed tomato (tomato, tomato juice, citric acid), carrot, red bell pepper, spinach, kale, red onion, water, fermented milk, preparation of tandoori spices (fermented milk, tomato, garlic, preparation of bell pepper (concentrated bell pepper paste, lemon juice concentrate), cream, onion preparation (onion, salt, water, sunflower oil, lemon juice, citrus fiber), spices, herbs, salt, sunflower oil), onion, shallot, spring onions, tomato puree (tomato, citric acid), tomato double concentrate, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, salt, acacia gum, paprika, milk protein, pepper, cayenne pepper

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