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Butter Chicken

600 g
14.99 $

Spice up your day with our new Quebec-made butter chicken recipe! The exotic aromas, spicy flavors and warm colors of this typical Indian dish will break the monotony of your...

Chicken simmered coq au vin style

600 g
16.99 $

A great classic of French cuisine, these tender pieces of chicken breast are slowly simmered in red wine, carrots, onions and mushrooms.

General Tao Chicken

400 g
14.99 $

A delicious Chinese-inspired recipe, cooked right here in Quebec! Pieces of fried chicken with a crispy thin crust , and grilled onions, all coated with its sweet and sour sauce....

2 Chicken Tournedos with Bacon

300 g
10.99 $

Light up your BBQ! This classic meal will make even the neighbors salivate. Already seasoned, this chicken breast prepared in Quebec and coated with bacon is perfect for a family...

Moroccan-Style Chicken

800 g
15.99 $

Let's travel to Morocco with this tajine recipe made with tender chicken, carrot, apricot and almonds. A perfect sweet and savory balance that will pleased the whole family! Made in...

2 duck legs confit

270 g
16.99 $

Is there anything more delicious than duck confit? Enjoy these tender duck thighs, slowly cooked in their own juices under vacuum for maximum tenderness! For an even more delicious dinner,...

2 Neapolitan chicken bundles

340 g
13.49 $

A fresh and tasty Italian recipe! Bite into these tender and juicy chicken breasts stuffed with parmesan cheese, pesto and sundried tomatoes.

Butter Chicken

320 g
9.99 $

Spice your day up with our new our new Quebec-made butter chicken recipe! The exotic aromas, spicy flavours and warm colours of this typical Indian dish will break the monotony...

Isabelle Huot Mango Chicken

280 g
9.99 $

A healthy lunch with a sweet-salty touch! Enjoy this chicken breast topped with mango cubes, served on a bed of brown rice and vegetables with fresh basil.

Green chicken curry Thai style

600 g
14.05 $

Feel like exoticism? Opt for this chicken recipe flavoured with lemongrass and coconut milk. Cooked in Quebec, this recipe will please those who like to eat lightly spicy. Perfect to...

Isabelle Huot Dijon Chicken

300 g
9.99 $

Tender chicken cooked with Dijon mustard, accompanied by couscous and pearl barley with carrots and broccoli. A healthy lunch just the way we like it!

Cooked Duck Breast

460 g
29.99 $

This holiday season, treat yourself to a fabulous pre-cooked duck magret from Quebec! Our duck breast is cooked very slowly sous vide with minimal ingredients to bring out its exceptional...

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