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2 Puff Pastry Rounds (all butter)

500 g
7.79 $

Ready to use puff pastry? Super handy to make your homemade pies and quiches! Prepared with butter, these 2 puff pastries are just waiting for you to fill them! Defrost,...

2 Shortcrust Pastry Rounds (all butter)

460 g
7.79 $

Two rolled-out shortcrust pastry rounds, made with pure butter. Ideal for all of your pies and quiche recipes! Defrost, garnish and enjoy!

5 Pure Butter Pains au Chocolat

350 g
8.99 $

In any case, we can tell you that these are too good! Pure butter and filled with dark chocolate, they will delight all taste buds. Ready to bake in the...

10 Choco-Hazelnut Mini Beignet

250 g
7.49 $

Treat yourself with our mini beignets filled with hazelnut chocolate! A delicious traditional recipe made with fresh eggs and butter to be enjoyed again and again!

6 ready-to-cook butter croissants

330 g
8.99 $

With Cool&Simple frozen croissants, you’re the baker! Treat yourself to the buttery goodness of these delicate pastries—nothing beats a croissant with your morning coffee. Our pure butter croissants are made...

12 Brussel Waffles

480 g
10.99 $

With its crispy outside and melt-in-the-mouth interior, this typical Belgian waffle is used in sweet desserts or savoury meals. Let your creativity run free! Golden and light, this waffle is...

6 galettes de sarrasin

480 g
8.49 $

Découvrez nos galettes de sarrasin inspirées de la recette traditionnelle bretonne! Biologiques et fabriquées au Québec, ces galettes (ou crêpes) sont une base parfaite pour toutes vos recettes gourmandes, salées...

Sliced Braided Brioche

500 g
9.49 $

This braided brioche with butter has a smooth texture with a slightly taste of orange blossom can be warmed up in few minutes for a perfect breakfast. Already sliced and...

Mini Blinis Cocktail

300 g
12.49 $

Are you having guests over? Don't fret! Serve these mini Russian crepes as a base for sweet or savoury finger food, with multiple options for toppings.

Twelfth Night Cake

550 g
14.99 $7.50 $

Who will find the bean and be the King? This Twelfth Night Cake (also known as King cake) is a 100% butter puff pastry filled with frangipane composed of almond...

2 Pretzel Half-Baguettes

240 g
3.65 $

This light pretzel-flavoured half baguette is sure to become the star of your sandwiches.

8 Milk Brioche Rolls

280 g
6.99 $

Those small milk brioche rolls are cooked with cage free eggs.

Mini Blinis

135 g
6.99 $

Are you having guests over? Don't fret! Serve these Russian crepes as a base for sweet or savoury canape, with multiple options for toppings.

10 Caramel Mini Beignet

250 g
7.49 $

How about a delicious caramel-filled mini beignet to go with your coffee? Melt for this delicious traditional recipe made with fresh eggs and butter. Don't wait any longer and treat...

6 Wheat Crepes

300 g
6.99 $6.29 $

Enjoy these thin pancakes warm or cold, with a sweet or savoury filling, as a main dish, a snack or a dessert. Authentic Breton pancakes to garnish, to the delight...

4 Almond Croissants

340 g
5.99 $

To try this almond croissant is to adopt it! An authentic and creative recipe sprinkled with crunchy ingredients with a heart of intense almond cream filling.

13 Black Chocolate Twists (pure butter)

1 kg
12.95 $

This pure butter twist is topped with a creamy custard and dark chocolate chips. It's one of our favourite pastries! Can you already feel the happiness in your home?

10 Red Fruits Mini Beignets

250 g
7.49 $

Spoil yourself with our mini beignets filled with red fruits! A delicious traditional recipe made with fresh eggs and butter to be enjoyed again and again!

4 Pancakes

200 g
5.99 $

Prepare the perfect breakfast or brunch in a jiffy! These fluffy thick pancakes will delight every palate.

Belgian Waffle

70 g
2.19 $

Discover this authentic gourmet recipe of pearl sugar and butter waffles. Both crispy and super soft, these individually wrapped Belgian waffles are perfect for eating at any time of day....

6 Fruit macarons from Point G

90 g
12.49 $

Want to discover the best macarons in Montreal? look no further than this box from Point G! These 6 fruit macarons fire off every one of your tastebuds. 5 delectable...

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