Mushroom Velouté

1.0 kg
9.99 $

Craving a creamy mushroom soup? Discover the mushroom velouté from Maison Thiriet. Crafted with straightforward and premium ingredients, this dish is ready for swift preparation any time of the year....

Thinly Sliced Onions 1 kg

1.0 kg
10.99 $

Love onion-based dishes? Maison Thiriet's thinly sliced onions are peeled, chopped and ready to use! Simply take them out of the freezer and add them to your usual dishes. An...

Julienne de légumes 1kg

1.0 kg
7.79 $

Vous êtes adepte des plaisirs culinaires simples et équilibrés? Cette julienne de légumes est votre alliée parfaite pour concocter des plats gourmands en quelques instants! Elle offre une combinaison harmonieuse...

Zucchini, Tomato, and Basil Gratin

450 g
10.99 $9.34 $

Relish in the cozy embrace of our zucchini gratin, a dish where simplicity and quality converge. Crafted with grilled zucchini, nestled in a savoury tomato sauce and a fragrant basil...

Organic Frozen Sliced Leeks

6.99 $5.99 $

Seeking an effortless addition of greens to your recipes? Our frozen sliced leeks, ready in a mere ten minutes, make every dish complete. Organically grown, these leeks retain their crisp...

Frozen Chopped Spinach 1kg

6.99 $5.59 $

Seeking frozen spinach that's ready for the skillet? Maison Thiriet's frozen chopped spinach, frozen soon after harvest, retains freshness and flavour. This convenient, ready-to-cook product is perfect for enriching your...

Frozen Vegetable Stir-Fry

600 g
6.99 $

Are you ready to wok? Make mealtime easy with Maison Thiriet's stir-fry blend, perfect for the wok. Dive into a delectable selection of high-quality frozen vegetables. The colourful mix serves...

Precooked frozen green beans

750 g
7.99 $6.79 $

Add a splash of green to your meals with these exquisite ultra-thin frozen green beans. Expertly steamed, these beans by Maison Thiriet warm up in moments. Relish the flavour of...

Stir Fry Asparagus, Mushrooms & Peas

450 g
15.99 $12.49 $

Pair your meat, game, and fish with this delicious mix of frozen stir-fried vegetables. This selection includes green asparagus tips, delicious crunchy peas, sliced red onions, pholiot mushrooms, and chanterelle...

Heirloom Vegetable Trio

600 g
7.99 $

Speed up meal prep with our precut and peeled frozen vegetables. Our heirloom vegetable trio includes yellow carrots, parsnips, and pumpkins. Great for soups, gratins, and purées, each of these...

Frozen Pumpkin Cubes

600 g
7.29 $5.99 $

Speed up meal prep with our frozen pumpkin cubes (onion squash)—they’re prewashed and ready to cook! Easy to portion, these frozen pumpkin chunks are great for preparing soups and purees,...

Sliced Zucchini

1.0 kg
8.49 $

Make mealtime easy with our frozen raw green zucchini slices. Enjoy the taste of a freshly harvested, fully ripened zucchini without having to wash, cut, or prep. Celebrate harvest season...

Diced Sweet Potatoes

600 g
7.99 $6.39 $

Level up those traditional potato sides and opt for our frozen sweet potato cubes. This underrated food brings something a little extra special to every dish. Our frozen diced sweet...

Trimmed Brussels Sprouts

1.0 kg
8.99 $6.99 $

Enhance your meals with our frozen Brussels sprouts. They're carefully selected at harvest and packaged with our controlled freezing process to retain quality and flavour. With only a 12-minute cook...

Mixed Vegetables (Floret Trio)

600 g
7.29 $

Keep mealtime healthy, colourful, and delicious with our frozen mixed vegetables. This trio of broccoli, Romanesco cabbage, and cauliflower florets perfectly enliven your plate. Chock full of nutrients, our frozen...

Cooked Ratatouille - 4 portions

600 g
9.99 $7.99 $

Here's a tasty traditional ratatouille composed of zucchini, grilled eggplant, tomatoes, onions and peppers. It's all delicately cooked in a tomato sauce with extra virgin olive oil. Cooked French ratatouille...

2 Vegetable & Goat Cheese Fondants

210 g
10.49 $

Delicate slices of zucchini and potatoes, a creamy goat cheese and tasty candied tomatoes: this is a vegetarian starter bursting with sunshine!

Sarladaise Potatoes

600 g
9.49 $

Sarlat potatoes originate from Sarlat in south-western France. Absolutely delicious, these finely sliced potatoes cooked with garlic and duck fat are the perfect accompaniment to your meats and poultry.

4 Potato Gratins

480 g
11.99 $

Discover our authentic dauphinois gratin! Made according to the traditional recipe from thin slices of potatoes, cream, Emmental cheese and flavoured with a touch of nutmeg, these gratins dauphinois are...

Mushroom Fricassee with Parsley Cream

450 g
10.29 $8.79 $

A savoury blend of four mushrooms cooked with parsley cream, perfect as a side dish or to garnish your risottos, omelettes and pasta.

Grilled Vegetable Tart

400 g
9.99 $

A delicate crust filled with grilled vegetables (zucchinis, cherry tomatoes, onions, red peppers and olives). Serve with a green salad for a delicious light lunch.

Potato Puree

1.0 kg
12.99 $

Delicious mashed potatoes, quick and easy to prepare! Cooked with only the best cream and butter. Portionable product in pebble form, for ease of use.

Noisette Potatoes

1.0 kg
11.29 $9.59 $

Do you know the ''Noisette'' potatoes'? Prepared from mashed potatoes, they are perfect to accompany a supper, the whole family will love them (especially children!).

Mushroom Risotto

300 g
9.99 $

An authentic creamy risotto dotted peppered with succulent pieces of mushrooms.

French Fries with Duck Fat

500 g
8.99 $

These crispy potato fries are already seasoned and cooked in duck fat for a unique taste you won't want to do without! Made in the South West of France, these...

Dauphine Potatoes (Potato Puffs)

1.0 kg
13.99 $

Less known in Canada but highly prized by French cuisine, dauphine potatoes provide a superior way to enjoy your spuds, and we want to introduce them to you! Light and...

Countryside Mushroom Blend

1.0 kg
17.29 $13.99 $

Always have delicious mushrooms on hand to use in your recipes! Mixture of wild and cultivated mushrooms: oyster mushroom, bolete, shiitake and pholiote. Perfect in pasta, risottos, omelettes or as...

Indulge in a world of delicious and convenient frozen vegetables to elevate your culinary creations. Our assortment of green vegetables, side dishes, and seasonal options provides a plethora of choices to enhance your dining experience. Whether you have a penchant for squash or seek comforting starches, our selection will splendidly fulfill your culinary desires. Enjoy the convenience of oven-ready vegetables or effortlessly create a delectable vegetable julienne in no time. Savor the freshness and crispness of our julienne cuts, perfect for quick stir-fries or grilled vegetable dishes. We also offer a variety of potato forms, from classic to unique varieties that add a touch of originality to your favorite recipes. For added convenience, explore our vegetable medley, which harmoniously combines a range of flavors and textures. Our frozen vegetables retain their freshness and authentic taste, ensuring you can enjoy superior-quality vegetables year-round. They're also practical, boasting an extended shelf life and quick preparation for wholesome and balanced meals.

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