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4 Cheese Pizza

380 g
8.99 $4.50 $

Thin crust pizza from Provence. Baked in a wood-burning oven and topped with a southern France-style tomato sauce. With goat cheese, mozzarella, emmental and pecorino.

Strigoli with Pesto Genovese Sauce

300 g
9.99 $8.99 $

Travel to Italy for the time of a meal with these fresh pasta cooked with pesto alla Genovese.

Taglierini with Mushroom Sauce

350 g
9.99 $8.99 $

Fresh egg pasta covered in a creamy sauce made with oyster mushrooms, shiitakes, pholiotes and button mushrooms. This 100% Italian dish is perfect for a solo treat!

Mushroom Flammekueche

270 g
8.99 $4.50 $

Flammekueche is a very thin pastry tart topped with fresh cream, cheese and mushrooms. This crispy savoury tart originates from Alsace, France. An original version of the pizza! For a...

Flammekueche Smoked Bacon and Onions

270 g
8.99 $4.50 $

A speciality of Alsace, France, the flammekueche is a tart with a very fine crust and a hand-braided edge. Topped with fresh cream, bacon and crunchy caramelized onions, this savoury...

8 Breaded Cod Fingers

500 g
14.99 $10.49 $

Enjoy these delicious cod fingers delicately coated in a light crunchy breading with millet, pumpkin and flax seeds. Finally, quality breaded fish, healthy, for all ages! Ideal for dinner or...

Mushroom Fricassee with Parsley Cream

450 g
10.29 $7.20 $

A savoury blend of four mushrooms cooked with parsley cream, perfect as a side dish or to garnish your risottos, omelettes and pasta.

2 Chocolate Merveilleux

180 g
9.99 $7.99 $

Digging into our merveilleux is like biting into a chocolate cloud. This light, ultra-indulgent dessert comprises two crunchy meringues coated with chocolate ganache and covered with chocolate shavings—pure chocolatey bliss....

Bistrot French Fries

500 g
7.99 $7.19 $

Fall in love with our new fries lightly seasoned with Guérande salt! These thick-cut fries with skin on some sides will remind you of your grandmother's homemade fries! Made with...

Precooked Clams in the shell

454 g
6.49 $5.84 $

Enhance your seafood dishes with our precooked frozen clams in the shell. Our flavourful product is free of broken shells and throw-away clams. When steamed, these frozen clams open up...

Gnocchi with Tomato & Mozzarella Cheese

350 g
9.99 $7.99 $

Treat yourself for lunch with this individual frozen meal of potato gnocchi with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Ravioli with Tomato & Basil Sauce

350 g
9.99 $7.99 $

These fresh raviolis are stuffed with Ricotta and Grana Padano cheeses and served with a delicious tomato and basil sauce made with extra-virgin olive oil.

Chili con carne

600 g
16.49 $14.84 $

Beef chili cooked with red beans, peppers and corn, served alone or with some corn chips and a touch of sour cream, this beef chili will take your taste buds...

Angus Beef Shepherd's Pie

600 g
17.99 $16.19 $

Indulge in this traditional shepherd's pie recipe! Made with superior-quality Angus beef, corn and Yukon Gold potatoes, this recipe will satisfy even the most discerning Shepherd pie's lover. Cooked in...

3 Cheese Gourmet Mac&Cheese

600 g
15.99 $14.39 $

The cheesiest and creamiest mac and cheese ever! Made with Emmental, cheddar and goat cheese, and cooked in an authentic bechamel sauce.

Pulled Pork Shoulder with Fine Herbs

530 g
13.99 $12.59 $

The art of American BBQ made easy. Our pulled pork shoulder features a special mix of fine herbs, garlic, and mildly fiery spices. Enjoy a ready-to-cook dish, perfect to pair...

Yuzu General Tao Tofu Cubes

420 g
10.99 $9.89 $

Do you love tofu in all its many forms? Then you'll love this recipe for General Tao tofu. Bring Japanese flavours to your kitchen with a touch of novelty: Yuzu...

Marinated Shish Taouk Tofu Cubes

400 g
10.99 $9.89 $

Bring Mediterranean flavours to your table with this vegetarian dish! Shish Taouk tofu cubes perfectly complement a variety of sides with their wonderful mix of spices and zesty lemon marinade....

BBQ-Marinated Tofu Slices

307 g
8.99 $8.09 $

Looking for a vegetarian option for traditional barbecue dishes? Try these tasty BBQ tofu slices from Epic Tofu! They're great in burger buns, salads, and Buddha bowls, adding flavour to...

Mushroom Risotto

300 g
9.99 $8.99 $

An authentic creamy risotto dotted peppered with succulent pieces of mushrooms.

Svitati with 4 Cheese Sauce

350 g
9.99 $8.99 $

Savoury pasta with a rich italian four cheese sauce Gorgonzola, Grana Padano, Taleggio and Italico. An authentic meal from Italy!

Spaghetti with Pecorino Cheese and Pepper

350 g
9.99 $8.99 $

Cooked with egg pastas, Pecorino cheese and fresh pepper, this 100% Italian lunch is perfect for a solo treat!

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