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Precooked Blue Mussels in the shell

908 g
10.29 $8.75 $

Cook up some restaurant-worthy seafood dishes with our bag of frozen Canadian mussels in the shell. Farm-raised in Newfoundland, our mussels are blanched and frozen in their natural juices. Serving...

4 Ahi Tuna Steaks

19.99 $16.99 $

Discover our Ocean Wise certified and wild caught Ahi Tuna Steaks. Skinless and already portioned, enjoy our tuna steaks by cooking them in the pan, in the oven or even...

Gaspésie Turbot Fillets

454 g
18.99 $16.14 $

The turbot is part of the species that camouflage sitself in the sea bed, hence its particular appearance: it is diamond-shaped,very flat, without forgetting that it has eyes on the...

Atlantic Cod Fillets

454 g
18.99 $16.14 $

Cod is a star in Gaspésie! It is cultural, festive and gourmet. This fish with its white and delicate flesh will make your meals a real feast. Rich in protein;...

Precooked Clams in the shell

454 g
6.49 $5.52 $

Enhance your seafood dishes with our precooked frozen clams in the shell. Our flavourful product is free of broken shells and throw-away clams. When steamed, these frozen clams open up...

2 Whole Royal Seabreams

640 g
16.99 $14.44 $

Whitefish fan? Our bags of frozen royal seabream can satisfy your cravings! Each pack of frozen fish contains 2 whole European seabreams, already scaled and gutted. You'll love cooking or...

6 ready-to-cook butter croissants

330 g
8.99 $4.50 $

With Cool&Simple frozen croissants, you’re the baker! Treat yourself to the buttery goodness of these delicate pastries—nothing beats a croissant with your morning coffee. Our pure butter croissants are made...

9 Mini Molten Cake Assortment

324 g
13.99 $

Cooked according to a traditional recipe with butter, eggs, sugar and good chocolate, this assortment of 9 mini chocolate fondants will seduce your taste buds! Composed of 3 different hearts:...

Chocolate Fondant

450 g
14.99 $7.50 $

Already baked, this delicious melting cake to share will delight all chocolate lovers! Baked according to the traditional recipe with quality ingredients.

2 Salmon Tartares

120 g
12.99 $

Melt for this subtly seasoned raw Atlantic salmon tartar for a fresh appetizer. Prepared in Quebec.

Maple Syrup and Beer Braised Ham

350 g
17.99 $12.59 $

Discover this authentic ham on the bone, braised in maple syrup and microbrewery lager beer, and slow cooked in the oven for more tenderness and flavour. Cooked with microbrewery lager....

8 Breaded Cod Fingers

500 g
18.99 $13.29 $

Enjoy these delicious cod fingers delicately coated in a light crunchy breading with millet, pumpkin and flax seeds. Finally, quality breaded fish, healthy, for all ages! Ideal for dinner or...

Mushroom Fricassee with Parsley Cream

450 g
10.29 $

A savoury blend of four mushrooms cooked with parsley cream, perfect as a side dish or to garnish your risottos, omelettes and pasta.

Sarladaise Potatoes

600 g
9.49 $

Sarlat potatoes originate from Sarlat in south-western France. Absolutely delicious, these finely sliced potatoes cooked with garlic and duck fat are the perfect accompaniment to your meats and poultry.

2 zucchini, feta and cumin quiches

420 g
12.99 $9.09 $

Cooked in Quebec, these vegetarian zucchini/feta quiches with a hint of cumin are full of flavour! The perfect solution for this week's lunches and dinners!

Mashed butternut squash with chestnuts

400 g
12.99 $9.09 $

Cooked in Quebec, our butternut squash purée with chestnuts is sure to delight everyone at the dinner table. This dish combines elements of the Old World and the New. Indeed,...

Crunchy Chocolate Mousse Cake

330 g
21.99 $

Not sure if you're craving soft chocolate mousse or crunchy praline? We've got the winning combination for you: this frozen chocolate mousse crunch cake is irresistible. Experience the toothsome trio...

Goat Cheese Bites With Tomato

180 g
7.99 $

Whether served as a starter, a side, or to garnish a mixed salad, these frozen goat cheese appetizers are always a hit. Adding a dash of originality to your aperitifs, our...

Porcini and Button Mushroom Risotto

500 g
11.99 $

Take your taste buds on a journey with our standout frozen risotto with mushrooms. No other premade risotto comes close to matching our authentic Italian flavours! You'll love the perfect...

Thai-Style Coconut Fish and Rice

350 g
11.99 $

Save time with our ready-to-eat Thai-style coconut fish. You'll love these generous bites of Alaskan pollock fillets coated in an exotic sauce of coconut cream, lemon, ginger, and kafir lime....

Layered Chocolate Caramel Cake

320 g
19.99 $

Taste heaven with our 6-layer chocolate caramel cake. This chocolate-caramel layer cake is a real treat for the senses with its cocoa biscuit base, milk chocolate crunch, dark chocolate mousse...

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