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Orders, Deliveries and Pick-up in Stores


- Minimum delivery order: 50$ (pick up at our stores is free with no minimum order)

Orders under 100$: 15$ shipping cost

Orders of $100 and more: Free Delivery



- Minimum delivery order: 50$ (pick up at our stores is free with no minimum order)

Orders under 150$: 20$ shipping cost

Orders of $150 and more: Free Delivery

To learn more about the areas served, find the list of postal codes served here

For all areas, the minimum order to be delivered is $50 (before taxes).

To learn more about the areas served, find  the list of postal codes served here.

The respect for the cold chain is our priority! We make sure to keep your products frozen, from our freezers to your door. Our orders are delivered by PRIVATE CARRIER, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

We serve most of the major regions of Quebec. You can check if we serve your region here.



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Of course! We offer a FREE in-store pick-up option. Simply select the store of your choice when selecting the Pick-up in Store option. You can then pick it up at the selected location and pay at the counter!

Do not hesitate to reach our Customer Support at  438-862-8845 or by email.

Returns and Exchanges

We exchange or refund, in the original form of payment, any goods purchased within 10 days of purchase. We will refund the product in its original packaging on presentation of the original bill following a problem with the packaging or the product quality (damaged or thawed product, improper taste, texture or recipe, etc.).

We exchange or refund, in the original form of payment, any goods purchased within 10 days of purchase. We will refund the product in its original packaging on presentation of the original bill following a problem with the packaging or the product quality (damaged or thawed product, improper taste, texture or recipe, etc.).


In its early days, Cool&Simple offered mainly imported products from Europe that couldn’t be found here. Today, we are proud to have in our freezers many products from the province of Quebec. These now account for a significant part of our offer; and we do not intend to stop there! We are constantly looking for quality local producers and partners to build lasting relationships.

Freezing is the action of submitting a product to a temperature below -18 °C. The temperature is slowly lowered to stop any biological activity. This is the process that you use at home to store your own harvest and homemade dishes. However, it leads to the formation of crystals. Fresh freezing, on the other hand, is an industrial technique that transforms the water contained in food into ice at great speed and very low temperatures (below -30 °C). The products are then stabilized at -18 °C. The processing speed enables the formation of a small dust of ice crystals that does not damage the cells of the product.

As for vegetables, the entire nutritional quality is preserved as they are rapidly fresh frozen after picking. It is not the same for grocery vegetables that have had time to lose some of their vitamins and minerals!

Many of our products are great when planning a party, a dinner or a reception with friends or family. We also have a great selection of everyday dishes: pizzas, prepared meals in individual portions or to share, ready-to-cook vegetables, viennese pastries

Our prepared meals prepared in Quebec are very popular, as are our individual gratin dauphinois, duck fat meat confit, our macarons, apetizers and our desserts.

9 to 18 months, depending on the product, if stored at -18 °C. Once thawed, they will keep in the refrigerator and have the same lifespan as fresh products.


Yes, we offer promotions on a monthly basis. Subscribe to our newsletter and never miss out on our upcoming offers!

Yes, we offer a loyalty card which grants access to special discounts and exclusive offers. The loyalty card is free and is available at our stores. Ask for your card on your next visit.

Yes, Cool&Simple gift cards are available in-store for any amount you choose. These Cards can only be used in store.

You can also buy gift cards on our website, these will be usable only online. Their value is $25, $50, $75 or $100.

Yes, Cool&Simple participates on a regular basis to sponsored events contributing products. We especially choose to help non-profit organizations.

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