Delivery Services

1. Find out if you are in the delivery zone (valid until June 7, 2024 inclusive)

Updated December 2021: Due to delivery delays at our shipper, we can no longer guarantee frozen delivery in some areas. We wish we could have continued to deliver safely, but we will not compromise on your health. In order to meet our quality commitments, we have changed our partner for shipments outside of Montreal. This change of provider has unfortunately implied a reduction in the area covered, as this one does not deliver to the whole of Quebec. We are currently working very hard to be able to deliver ourselves with our own Cool& Simple freezer trucks. We hope to have a larger delivery area in the next few weeks. We are very sorry for this last minute change. The Cool&Simple team

2. Delivery Fees

IMPORTANT: From June 8, 2024, delivery zones will be modified. Zone 1 remains unchanged, the changes concern zone 2. Delivery charges remain unchanged in both zones.


- Minimum order for delivery: 50$ (no minimum for in-store pick-up)
- Orders under 100$: 15$ delivery cost
- Orders over 100$: Free delivery

H1A, H1B, H1C, H1E, H1G, H1H, H1J, H1K, H1L, H1M, H1N, H1P, H1R, H1S, H1T, H1V, H1W, H1X, H1Y, H1Z, H2A, H2B, H2C, H2E, H2G, H2H, H2J, H2K, H2L, H2M, H2N, H2P, H2R, H2S, H2T, H2V, H2W, H2X, H2Y, H2Z, H3A, H3B, H3C, H3E, H3G, H3H, H3J, H3K, H3L, H3M, H3N, H3P, H3R, H3S, H3T, H3V, H3W, H3X, H3Y, H3Z, H4A, H4B, H4C, H4E, H4G, H4H, H4J, H4K, H4L, H4M, H4N, H4P, H4R, H4S, H4T, H4V, H4W, H4X, H4Y, H4Z, H5A, H5B, H8N, H8P, H8R, H8S, H8T

H7A, H7B, H7C, H7E, H7G, H7H, H7J, H7K, H7L, H7M, H7N, H7P, H7R, H7S, H7T, H7V, H7W, H7X, H7Y, H8Y, H8Z, H9A, H9B, H9C, H9E, H9G, H9H, H9J, H9K, H9P, H9R, H9S, H9W, H9X, J7W

J3Y, J3Z, J4B, J4G, J4H, J4J, J4K, J4L, J4M, J4N, J4P, J4R, J4S, J4T, J4V, J4W, J4X, J4Y, J4Z, J5A, J5B, J5C, J5R



- Minimum order for delivery: 50$ (no minimum for in-store pick-up)
- Orderd under 150$: 20$ delivery fee
- Orders over 150$: Free delivery

List valid until June 7, 2024 only:

G0A1H0, G0P1A0, G0P1A1, G0P1B0, G0P1C0, G0P1G0, G0P1H0, G0P1J0, G0P1K0, G0P1L0, G0P1M0, G0R3E0, G0X2L0, G0X2P0, G0X2X0, G0X3J0, G0X3L0, G1A, G1B, G1C, G1E, G1G, G1H, G1J, G1K, G1L, G1M, G1N, G1P, G1R, G1S, G1T, G1V, G1W, G1X, G1Y, G2A, G2B, G2C, G2E, G2G, G2J, G2K, G2L, G2M, G2N, G3A, G3B, G3E, G3G, G3J, G3K, G6C, G6J, G6K, G6L, G6P, G6R, G6S, G6T, G6V, G6W, G6X, G6Y, G6Z, G7A, G8T, G8V, G8W, G8Y, G8Z, G9A, G9B, G9C, G9H, G9N, G9P, G9R, G9T, J0A1A0, J0A1B0, J0A1E0, J0A1G0, J0A1H0, J0A1J0, J0A1K0, J0A1L0, J0A1M0, J0A1N0, J0B1A0, J0B1B0, J0B1C0, J0B1E0, J0B1G0, J0B1J0, J0B1K0, J0B1L0, J0B1M0, J0B1P0, J0B1R0, J0B1S0, J0B1T0, J0B1W0, J0B1X0, J0B1Y0, J0B2A0, J0B2B0, J0B2C0, J0B2E0, J0B2H0, J0B2K0, J0B2L0, J0B2M0, J0B2N0, J0B2P0, J0B2R0, J0B2T0, J0B2V0, J0B2W0, J0B2X0, J0B2Y0, J0B2Z0, J0B3A0, J0B3B0, J0B3B1, J0B3E0, J0B3E1, J0B3E2, J0B3E3, J0B3E4, J0B3E5, J0B3G0, J0B3H0, J0B3J0, J0B4B0, J0C1A0, J0C1B0, J0C1C0, J0C1E0, J0C1G0, J0C1J0, J0C1K0, J0C1L0, J0C1M0, J0C1N0, J0C1R0, J0C1S0, J0E1A0, J0E1B0, J0E1E0, J0E1G0, J0E1H0, J0E1K0, J0E1M0, J0E1P0, J0E1R0, J0E1S0, J0E1V0, J0E1W0, J0E1X0, J0E1Y0, J0E1Y1, J0E1Z0, J0E2A0, J0E2B0, J0E2B1, J0E2C0, J0E2E0, J0E2G0, J0E2J0, J0E2K0, J0E2L0, J0E2L1, J0E2L2, J0E2M0, J0E2N0, J0E2P0, J0E2T0, J0G1A0, J0G1B0, J0G1C0, J0G1H0, J0G1J0, J0G1K0, J0G1L0, J0G1M0, J0G1N0, J0G1P0, J0G1R0, J0G1S0, J0G1T0, J0G1V0, J0G1W0, J0G1X0, J0H1A0, J0H1B0, J0H1C0, J0H1E0, J0H1E1, J0H1G0, J0H1H0, J0H1H1, J0H1H2, J0H1J0, J0H1K0, J0H1L0, J0H1M0, J0H1N0, J0H1P0, J0H1R0, J0H1S0, J0H1T0, J0H1V0, J0H1W0, J0H1Y0, J0H1Z0, J0H2B0, J0H2C0, J0H2E0, J0H2G0, J0J1A0, J0J1B0, J0J1C0, J0J1E0, J0J1G0, J0J1J0, J0J1K0, J0J1L0, J0J1M0, J0J1N0, J0J1P0, J0J1R0, J0J1S0, J0J1T0, J0J1V0, J0J1W0, J0J1X0, J0J1Y0, J0J1Z0, J0J2B0, J0J2C0, J0J2E0, J0J2G0, J0J2H0, J0J2J0, J0J2K0, J0K1B0, J0K2Z0, J0K3E0, J0L1A0, J0L1B0, J0L1C0, J0L1H0, J0L1M0, J0L1N0, J0L1P0, J0L1R0, J0L1T0, J0L1W0, J0L1Y0, J0L2A0, J0L2B0, J0L2E0, J0L2H0, J0L2J0, J0L2K0, J0L2L0, J0L2M0, J0L2N0, J0L2R0, J0N1E0, J0N1G0, J0N1G1, J0N1G2, J0N1G3, J0N1G4, J0N1G5, J0N1H0, J0N1M0, J0N1P0, J0P1B0, J0P1G0, J0P1H0, J0P1J0, J0P1M0, J0P1N0, J0P1P1, J0P1R0, J0P1S0, J0P1T0, J0P1W0, J0P1X0, J0P1Y0, J0P1Z0, J0S0A1, J0S0A3, J0S0A4, J0S0A5, J0S0A6, J0S0A7, J0S0A8, J0S0A9, J0S0B1, J0S0B2, J0S0B3, J0S0B4, J0S0B5, J0S1A0, J0S1B0, J0S1C0, J0S1E0, J0S1G0, J0S1H0, J0S1K0, J0S1L0, J0S1M0, J0S1N0, J0S1P0, J0S1R0, J0S1S0, J0S1T0, J0S1V0, J0S1W0, J0S1Y0, J0S2C0, J0S2E0, J0V1B0, J0V1H0, J0V1J0, J0V1L0, J0V1R0, J0V1S0, J0X3B0, J1A, J1C, J1E, J1G, J1H, J1J, J1K, J1L, J1M, J1N, J1R, J1S, J1T, J1X, J1Z, J2A, J2B, J2C, J2E, J2G, J2H, J2J, J2K, J2L, J2M, J2N, J2R, J2S, J2T, J3M, J3P, J3R, J3T, J5J, J5K, J5L, J5N, J5T, J5V, J5W, J5X, J5Y, J5Z, J6A, J6E, J6J, J6K, J6N, J6R, J6S, J6T, J6V, J6W, J6X, J6Y, J6Z, J7A, J7B, J7C, J7E, J7G, J7H, J7J, J7K, J7L, J7M, J7N, J7P, J7R, J7T, J7V, J7X, J7Y, J7Z, J8L, J8M, J8P, J8R, J8T, J8V, J8X, J8Y, J8Z, J9A, J9B, J9H, J9J, J2W, J2X, J2Y, J3A, J3B, J3E, J3G, J3H, J3L, J3N, J3V, J3X

From June 8, 2024, zone 2 includes the following zip codes (rates unchanged):

RIVE NORD: J7R, J7P, J7H, J7G, J7B, J7A, J6Z, J6W, J6X, J6Y, J7K, J7L

RIVE SUD: J2X, J3A, J3B, J2Y, J2W, J3L, J3G, J3H, J3N, J3V, J3E

3. Choose your delivery date

We deliver Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm. Some conditions apply.

4. Receive your products

For ecological reasons, you will receive your products in recycled paper bags. Place your products in the freezer immediately upon receipt.

If you think you won’t be at home, our delivery person will leave your order at your door. We strongly suggest that you take the necessary measures to ensure the freezing of your products, either by leaving a cooler at the door or by giving us a special instruction when you place your order online (such as leaving the order with a neighbor).

Delivering at the right temperature and in complete safety is our guarantee

We make sure to keep your products frozen, from our freezers to your door. Our orders are delivered via our own refrigerated truck or via a private carrier to guarantee the freezing of your products until delivery.

A controlled environment

for the storage of our products.

Refrigerated trucks

that guarantee the expected freezing until the delivery of your products.

Use of paper bags

for Greater Montreall deliveries, an ecological choice.

Real-time email notifications

to ensure your presence at the time of delivery.

We offer free in-store pickup

Order online and pick up your order the next day at one of our Cool&Simple stores.

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