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Noisette Potatoes

1 kg
10.99 $

Do you know the ''Noisette'' potatoes'? Prepared from mashed potatoes, they are perfect to accompany a supper, the whole family will love them (especially children!).

Flammekueche Smoked Bacon and Onions

270 g
8.99 $

A speciality of Alsace, France, the flammekueche is a tart with a very fine crust and a hand-braided edge. Topped with fresh cream, bacon and crunchy caramelized onions, this savoury...

Mushroom Flammekueche

270 g
8.99 $

Flammekueche is a very thin pastry tart topped with fresh cream, cheese and mushrooms. This crispy savoury tart originates from Alsace, France. An original version of the pizza! For a...

8 Breaded Cod Fingers

500 g
17.99 $

Enjoy these delicious cod fingers delicately coated in a light crunchy breading with millet, pumpkin and flax seeds. Finally, quality breaded fish, healthy, for all ages! Ideal for dinner or...

Mozzarella, Pesto & Sundried Tomato Pizza

430 g
8.99 $

Thin crust pizza from Provence topped with a southern France-style tomato sauce and baked in a wood-burning oven. With mozzarella cheese, pesto, sundried tomatoes and herbes de Provence.

Goat Cheese & Sundried Tomato Pizza

410 g
8.99 $

Pizza from Provence with a thin hand-stretched dough and topped with a slow simmered tomato sauce. Baked in a wood-burning oven. With generous slices of goat cheese, sundried tomatoes and...

Cherry Tomato & Cheese Flammekueche

285 g
8.99 $

Flammekueche is a very thin pastry tart from Alsace, in France! A thin tart with a hand braided crust garnished with a creamy sauce and cherry tomatoes. An original version...

Smoked Salmon, Cream & Dill Pizza

440 g
8.99 $

Pizza de Provence with a thin, hand-stretched crust and topped with a slow simmered tomato sauce. Cooked in a wood-burning oven. With slices of smoked salmon, cream, and a sprinkle...

Angus Beef Shepherd's Pie

600 g
15.49 $

Indulge in this traditional shepherd's pie recipe! Made with superior-quality Angus beef, corn and Yukon Gold potatoes, this recipe will satisfy even the most discerning Shepherd pie's lover. Cooked in...

Royal Couscous

830 g
15.99 $

Let's travel to Morroco with our delicious Royal couscous. This dish includes tender lamb pieces, 100% lamb merguez, juicy chicken pieces and vegetables. Semolina is included for a whole meal....

4 Cheese Pizza

380 g
8.99 $

Thin crust pizza from Provence. Baked in a wood-burning oven and topped with a southern France-style tomato sauce. With goat cheese, mozzarella, emmental and pecorino.

3 Cheese Gourmet Mac&Cheese

600 g
14.99 $

The cheesiest and creamiest mac and cheese ever! Made with Emmental, cheddar and goat cheese, and cooked in an authentic bechamel sauce.

Butter Chicken

600 g
14.99 $

Spice up your day with our new Quebec-made butter chicken recipe! The exotic aromas, spicy flavors and warm colors of this typical Indian dish will break the monotony of your...

2 leek bacon quiches

420 g
12.99 $

A generous and tasty quiche! Cooked with quality ingredients, these individual quiches are the perfect solution for the week's lunches and dinners! Cooked in Quebec.

Potato Gnocchi

1 kg
11.99 $

Italian-style potato gnocchi. Garnish as desired with grated cheese, tomato sauce... the possibilities are endless!

Chicken simmered coq au vin style

600 g
16.99 $

A great classic of French cuisine, these tender pieces of chicken breast are slowly simmered in red wine, carrots, onions and mushrooms.

Chili con carne

600 g
15.49 $

Beef chili cooked with red beans, peppers and corn, served alone or with some corn chips and a touch of sour cream, this beef chili will take your taste buds...

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