2 Chicken Tournedos with Bacon

300 g
11.99 $

Light up your BBQ! This classic meal will make even the neighbors salivate. Already seasoned, this chicken breast prepared in Quebec and coated with bacon is perfect for a family...

2 Neapolitan chicken bundles

340 g
15.99 $

A fresh and tasty Italian recipe! Bite into these tender and juicy chicken breasts stuffed with parmesan cheese, pesto and sundried tomatoes.

Duck Confit Drumsticks with Orange Sauce

570 g
15.99 $

Our tasty duck confit drumsticks are marinated in a delicious orange sauce then preserved in duck fat with citrus peel. Vacuum packed, they're cooked and ready to eat. Perfectly cooked...

6 merguez 100% lamb

300 g
15.99 $8.00 $

Decorate your summer BBQ with a great classic; the merguez sausages! With a balanced and slightly spicy taste, these merguez are 100% lamb and without nirtrite.

2 Cod Fillets

340 g
16.99 $

Fancy a fish that can be enjoyed on any occasion? Enjoy our frozen Atlantic cod fillets. The cod is caught in the waters of Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine, prepared on site, and frozen...

Jumbo Raw Pacific Shrimp

400 g
14.29 $12.49 $

You'll fall in love with our Ocean Jewel raw white shrimp. One bag of frozen shrimp contains 16 to 20 raw, deveined, and tailed jumbo shrimp for easy peeling. Count...

2 Turbot Fillets

340 g
13.99 $

Our frozen turbot fillets are perfect for frying, breading, or roasting, and can be used in all your favorite recipes! Enjoy the freshness of fish caught directly in the waters...

4 Highland Beef Patties

440 g
18.99 $

Have you ever heard of Highland beef? It is a lean red meat, well-marbled and very tasty. Highland beef comes from a family farm in Austin, Quebec, a local and...

2 Whole Royal Seabreams

640 g
16.99 $14.49 $

Whitefish fan? Our bags of frozen royal seabream can satisfy your cravings! Each pack of frozen fish contains 2 whole European seabreams, already scaled and gutted. You'll love cooking or...

Jumbo Sea Scallops

400 g
34.99 $

Indulge the biggest seafood fans with these frozen raw scallops. Our certified sustainable (MSC), jumbo sea scallops are ideal for family celebrations. Between 10 and 20 giant sea scallopsPremium qualitySustainably...

Tabbouleh Couscous Salad

600 g
9.49 $

Our couscous salad boasts a harmonious blend of premium wheat semolina, tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumbers, raisins, and black olives. It's a vegetable-forward dish seasoned with lemon juice and chopped mint......

French Fries with Duck Fat

500 g
8.99 $

These crispy potato fries are already seasoned and cooked in duck fat for a unique taste you won't want to do without! Made in the South West of France, these...

BBQ-Marinated Tofu Slices

307 g
8.99 $

Looking for a vegetarian option for traditional barbecue dishes? Try these tasty BBQ tofu slices from Epic Tofu! They're great in burger buns, salads, and Buddha bowls, adding flavour to...

Marinated Shish Taouk Tofu Cubes

400 g
10.99 $

Bring Mediterranean flavours to your table with this vegetarian dish! Shish Taouk tofu cubes perfectly complement a variety of sides with their wonderful mix of spices and zesty lemon marinade....

BBQ Chicken Wings

700 g
14.99 $

Our Québec BBQ chicken wings boast delicious, all-natural flavours! Made from Québec-raised chickens without artificial colouring or preservatives, these game-time goodies are undoubtedly the best frozen chicken wings you'll taste....

2 Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Drumsticks (1kg)

1.0 kg
16.99 $

Looking for a simple, tasty meal that satisfies both kids and parents? Try our delicious bacon-wrapped turkey drumsticks. Made with turkey, pork bacon, and cranberries from Québec, these delightful treats...

Pork tenderloin stuffed with chorizo

600 g
20.99 $14.79 $

For a flavourful and comforting addition to your menu, Cool&Simple presents its stuffed pork fillet with poultry and chorizo. Easy to prepare, it's best enjoyed with your favourite sides and...

Cooked Chicken Drumsticks for BBQ

1.0 kg
19.99 $

Nothing beats our bbq chicken drumsticks! Making dinnertime—or anytime—a breeze, our BBQ chicken drumsticks are pre-cooked, marinated and ready to hit the grill. They work great as a tasty dish...

10 Greek Chicken Souvlaki Skewers

800 g
29.99 $

Want to add Greek flavours to the dinner table? Discover our delicious pre-prepped chicken souvlaki skewers, simplifying your everyday eating! Enjoy tender, juicy, and tasty bites, perfect for pairing with...

2 Maple & Apple Chicken Skewers

450 g
12.99 $

Maple Apple Chicken Skewers. If you love chicken, you'll adore our marinated chicken skewers! Made with apples and maple syrup, these skewers are a delightful treat for Canadian foodies. Perfect...

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