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Acras Cod Balls (Fried fish balls)

300 g
6.99 $

A must for aperitifs, cod acras are small fritters made from a mixture of cod, mashed potatoes, garlic, and parsley.  A beloved streetfood in the Caribbean, these fried fish balls...

Salmon & Leek Tart

400 g
9.99 $

Salmon and leeks combine deliciously in this savoury tart to share! Quick and easy to prepare, serve with a green salad for the perfect light lunch, as a starter or...

8 Breaded Cod Fingers

500 g
17.99 $

Enjoy these delicious cod fingers delicately coated in a light crunchy breading with millet, pumpkin and flax seeds. Finally, quality breaded fish, healthy, for all ages! Ideal for dinner or...

Fish Soup

1 kg
13.99 $

The sea in a bowl! Authentic fish soup cooked with morsels of fish, white wine and olive oil.

Isabelle Huot Salmon with Sesame Crust

300 g
9.99 $

A tender salmon fillet in sesame crust on a bed of vegetable brown rice, with a side of snap peas. A healthy lunch the way we like it!

Tandoori Salmon

350 g
9.99 $

Montreal-Bombay in 10 minutes! Enjoy this recipe that combines salmon and tandoori spices sauce with black rice and vegetables. Perfect for an exotic lunch!

Atlantic Salmon Fillet 6oz

170 g
7.99 $

Discover our 100% natural, antibiotic-free Atlantic salmon fillets. Raised at the southernmost point of the world, less than 1000 km from Antarctica, our salmon fillets are certified sustainable and responsible...

Ocean Wise Certified Smoked Rainbow Trout

100 g
10.49 $

As an appetizer or aperitif, replace the traditional salmon with thin slices of smoked Quebec trout. Refinement and success guaranteed! This species is Ocean Wise certified (sustainable fishing).

Gaspésie Turbot Fillets

454 g
18.99 $

The turbot is part of the species that camouflage sitself in the sea bed, hence its particular appearance: it is diamond-shaped,very flat, without forgetting that it has eyes on the...

Atlantic Cod Fillets

454 g
18.99 $

Cod is a star in Gaspésie! It is cultural, festive and gourmet. This fish with its white and delicate flesh will make your meals a real feast. Rich in protein;...

4 Ahi Tuna Steaks

19.99 $

Discover our Ocean Wise certified and wild caught Ahi Tuna Steaks. Skinless and already portioned, enjoy our tuna steaks by cooking them in the pan, in the oven or even...

Pacific Cod Brandade

300 g
10.99 $

Inspired by a recipe from the south of France, you'll surely enjoy this lunch of mashed sustainably fished cod and Yukon potato puree, finished with a delicate olive oil.

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