2 Coquilles St-Jacques with Champagne

Tasty and elegant shells garnished with scallops, cream and white mushrooms, in a creamy Champagne sauce.

2 portions
Poids: 200 g
Regular price $13.50
Preheat oven to 180 °C/350 °F. Remove shells from pouches and place them, still frozen, on a baking sheet propping them with crumpled aluminum foil. Cook on middle oven rack for approximately 30 minutes.
Icelandic scallop, cream (cream, carrageenan), fish stock of scallop and vegetables (water, pouting, white wine (sulphites), carrot, celery, tomato, leek, scallop, cultivated mushroom, butter, onion, shallot, spices, flavours, lemon), white wine, scallop, cultivated mushroom, milk ingredients, champagne (alcohol), wheat flour, shallot, rice starch, mussel juice, bread crumb (wheat), emmental cheese, salt, spices, artificial flavours.

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