Ravioli with Tomato & Basil Sauce

These fresh raviolis are stuffed with Ricotta and Grana Padano cheeses and served with a delicious tomato and basil sauce made with extra-virgin olive oil.

Poids: 350 g
Regular price $8.49
Heat from frozen for 4 minutes and a half in the microwave oven (dish still closed). Open and mix.
Pasta: durum wheat semolina, Ricotta cheese (whey, milk, salt, citric acid, lactic acid), water, chard, egg, bread crumbs (wheat), Grana Padano cheese (milk, salt, rennet, egg lysozyme), salt. Sauce: tomato pulp, vegetable (celery, carrots, onion), extra-virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, basil, salt, sugar, pepper, grated Grana Padano cheese (milk, salt, rennet, egg lysozyme).