Strigoli with Pesto Genovese Sauce

Travel to Italy for the time of a meal with these fresh pasta cooked with pesto alla Genovese.

Poids: 300 g
Regular price $7.25
Heat from frozen for 3 minutes and a half in the microwave oven (dish still closed). Open and mix.
Precooked soft wheat flour fresh pasta (soft wheat flour fresh pasta (soft wheat flour, water, salt), water), water, basil in oil (basil , sunflower oil, salt), Pecorino Romano DOP cheese (sheep's milk, salt, rennet), extra-virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, pine nuts, walnut, cashew nuts, Grana Padano DOP cheese (milk, salt, rennet, preservative: egg lysozyme), parsley, garlic. Contains: wheat, milk, egg, nuts (pine tree nuts). May contain: soy

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