Confit Beef Cheek Poutine with Aged Cheddar Recipe


1 pouch of Cool&Simple French fries with duck fat

1 pack of Cool&Simple confit beef cheek

• 200g aged cheddar cheese, shredded

• 1 can of poutine sauce

• 2 tablespoons of fresh chives, chopped


· Preheat the oven to 400F.

· Reheat the confit beef cheek according to package instructions. Set aside.

· Bake fries according to package instructions.

· Reheat the poutine sauce over medium-high heat until it is boiling. Remove from heat and set aside.

· Shred the beef cheef with a fork.

· In shallow bowls, add fries and top with shredded beef cheek and cheese and cover with poutine sauce.

· Sprinkle with chives and enjoy!

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