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10 Choco-Hazelnut Mini Beignet

250 g
7.49 $

Treat yourself with our mini beignets filled with hazelnut chocolate! A delicious traditional recipe made with fresh eggs and butter to be enjoyed again and again!

10 Caramel Mini Beignet

250 g
7.49 $

How about a delicious caramel-filled mini beignet to go with your coffee? Melt for this delicious traditional recipe made with fresh eggs and butter. Don't wait any longer and treat...

10 Red Fruits Mini Beignets

250 g
7.49 $

Spoil yourself with our mini beignets filled with red fruits! A delicious traditional recipe made with fresh eggs and butter to be enjoyed again and again!

12 Macarons de Paris

120 g
10.99 $

Let yourself be tempted by these 12 macarons de Paris made according to the French know-how: a round and airy shell with a melting and creamy heart. Who doesn't like...

5 Pure Butter Pains au Chocolat

350 g
8.99 $

In any case, we can tell you that these are too good! Pure butter and filled with dark chocolate, they will delight all taste buds. Ready to bake in the...

6 ready-to-cook butter croissants

330 g
8.99 $

With Cool&Simple frozen croissants, you’re the baker! Treat yourself to the buttery goodness of these delicate pastries—nothing beats a croissant with your morning coffee. Our pure butter croissants are made...

9 Mini Molten Cake Assortment

324 g
12.49 $11.24 $

Cooked according to a traditional recipe with butter, eggs, sugar and good chocolate, this assortment of 9 mini chocolate fondants will seduce your taste buds! Composed of 3 different hearts:...


180 g
5.50 $

For cheesecake lovers! Crack on this delicious cheesecake recipe with a cinnamon crumble base for a unique taste and texture. Customize it with berries, coulis, or other ingredients to suit...

5 Apple Tartlets

1 kg
15.99 $

Enjoy these delicious apple tartlets made from thinly sliced fresh apples and topped with a bed of fresh applesauce. They are made with a delicious butter shortcrust pastry base that...

Maple pecan pie with cashew nuts

425 g
19.99 $

Our Quebec maple pecan pie will knock your socks off! Sourcing nothing less than the best for your taste buds, our team selected a recipe that dreams are made of....

12 Brussel Waffles

480 g
10.99 $

With its crispy outside and melt-in-the-mouth interior, this typical Belgian waffle is used in sweet desserts or savoury meals. Let your creativity run free! Golden and light, this waffle is...

4 Pancakes

200 g
5.99 $

Prepare the perfect breakfast or brunch in a jiffy! These fluffy thick pancakes will delight every palate.

6 Wheat Crepes

300 g
6.99 $6.29 $

Enjoy these thin pancakes warm or cold, with a sweet or savoury filling, as a main dish, a snack or a dessert. Authentic Breton pancakes to garnish, to the delight...

Pork creton with Les Savoureux spice mix

150 g
5.49 $4.94 $

Les Savoureux spices and Cool&Simple combine forces so you can serve the best pork creton toast in town. Our carefully selected pork shoulder is sautéed in duck fat with a...

Ocean Wise Certified Smoked Rainbow Trout

100 g
10.49 $9.44 $

As an appetizer or aperitif, replace the traditional salmon with thin slices of smoked Quebec trout. Refinement and success guaranteed! This species is Ocean Wise certified (sustainable fishing).

Maple Syrup and Beer Braised Ham

350 g
16.99 $

Discover this authentic ham on the bone, braised in maple syrup and microbrewery lager beer, and slow cooked in the oven for more tenderness and flavour. Cooked with microbrewery lager....

Gluten-Free Maple Sausages

425 g
11.99 $10.79 $

Appreciate the masterfully balanced sweet and savoury flavours of these Quebec maple sausages! Whether you're serving them for brunch or grilling them up for some fancy hot dogs, our pork...

Sarladaise Potatoes

600 g
8.49 $

Sarlat potatoes originate from Sarlat in south-western France. Absolutely delicious, these finely sliced potatoes cooked with garlic and duck fat are the perfect accompaniment to your meats and poultry.

Ready-to-heat duck and maple baked beans

400 g
7.99 $7.19 $

This is not your grandmother's recipe for maple baked beans—no ma’am! We’re simmering these white beans with top-shelf ingredients and swapping the lard for something more decadent. Tantalizing the tastebuds...

Salmon & Leek Tart

400 g
9.99 $

Salmon and leeks combine deliciously in this savoury tart to share! Quick and easy to prepare, serve with a green salad for the perfect light lunch, as a starter or...

2 leek bacon quiches

420 g
12.99 $

A generous and tasty quiche! Cooked with quality ingredients, these individual quiches are the perfect solution for the week's lunches and dinners! Cooked in Quebec.

2 zucchini, feta and cumin quiches

420 g
12.99 $

Cooked in Quebec, these vegetarian zucchini/feta quiches with a hint of cumin are full of flavour! The perfect solution for this week's lunches and dinners!

Fauchon Chocolate Mousse Cake

375 g
22.49 $20.24 $

This chocolate mousse cake satisfies even the most intense cocoa cravings! We’ve selected this dark chocolate mousse sponge cake for its reputation and high-quality ingredients. Sprinkled with chocolate chips, the...

Fauchon Mixed Berry Mousse Cake

380 g
22.49 $20.24 $

Craving something other than chocolate? Our red berry mousse cake is here to appease. Whether served as a birthday cake or a festive final course for family and friends, its...

Raspberry Tartlets

550 g
19.99 $

Raspberries take centre stage with these exquisite tartlets. Making dessert time chic and simple, our raspberry tarts are composed of pure-butter crusts, then topped with almond cream and raspberry-redcurrant jelly...

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