6 Buckwheat Pancakes

480 g
8.99 $

Discover our buckwheat pancakes inspired by the traditional Breton recipe! Organic and made in Quebec, these pancakes are a perfect base for all your sweet and savoury recipes. Unleash your...

Mini Blinis Cocktail

300 g
12.99 $10.99 $

Are you having guests over? Don't fret! Serve these mini Russian crepes as a base for sweet or savoury finger food, with multiple options for toppings.

Mini Blinis

135 g
7.49 $6.29 $

Are you having guests over? Don't fret! Serve these Russian crepes as a base for sweet or savoury canape, with multiple options for toppings.

6 Wheat Crepes

300 g
8.49 $

Enjoy these thin pancakes warm or cold, with a sweet or savoury filling, as a main dish, a snack or a dessert. Authentic Breton pancakes to garnish, to the delight...

Belgian Waffle

70 g
2.49 $

Discover this authentic gourmet recipe of pearl sugar and butter waffles. Both crispy and super soft, these individually wrapped Belgian waffles are perfect for eating at any time of day....

4 Pancakes

200 g
6.99 $

Prepare the perfect breakfast or brunch in a jiffy! These fluffy thick pancakes will delight every palate.

Whether you're a lover of sweet treats or a fan of savory flavors, our selection will transport you to an unforgettable morning feast, perfect for your breakfast or brunch. Enjoy our sweet waffles, a delicate fusion of light textures and exquisite sweetness. For an authentic Belgian experience, opt for our Liégeoise waffles, irresistibly golden on the outside and incredibly melt-in-your-mouth on the inside. Their sweet taste and enchanting aroma will transport you to the cobbled streets of Brussels. If you prefer crêpes, we have just the thing. Our sweet crêpes will delight you with their delectable sweetness and fluffy texture. For a healthier alternative, discover our light and delicious wheat crepes. If you'd like to explore international flavors, try our American crepes, perfect for a hearty, gourmet brunch. Searching for a savory option? Our traditional buckwheat pancakes are here to satisfy your taste buds. Filled with delicious ingredients, they offer a flavorful culinary experience. And for unique appetizers, our mini blinis are perfect to serve with your favorite accompaniments, such as smoked salmon. Our extensive selection of frozen pancakes and waffles will allow you to create delicious meals in no time. Simplify your daily routine while savoring our top-quality products. Explore our assortment and uncover culinary delights that will brighten your mornings and tantalize your taste buds.

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