Frozen Mangos 1kg

1.0 kg
9.99 $

Experience the exotic flavours of tropical mangoes with our premium frozen mangoes—perfect for adding a sunny touch to your recipes. Our mangoes are carefully selected, peeled, and cut before being...

Frozen Sliced Peaches 1kg

1.0 kg
10.99 $

Indulge in the sweetness and delightful aroma of ripe peaches with our premium frozen peaches. We carefully select, slice, and rapidly freeze the peaches to preserve their juicy texture and...

Frozen Pineapple 1kg

1.0 kg
9.99 $

Experience the tropical sweetness of pineapple with our frozen pineapple chunks—an easier way to savour this exotic fruit anytime. Our pineapples are carefully selected, cut, and rapidly frozen to preserve...

Frozen Strawberries 1kg

1.0 kg
9.49 $

Experience the sweet and juicy taste of freshly harvested strawberries with our premium whole frozen strawberries. We carefully select our strawberries at the peak of ripeness and swiftly freeze them...

4 Frosted Lemons

270 g
16.99 $

Need to freshen up? Bet on originality with this lemon sorbet presented in its natural bark.

4 Frosted Oranges

480 g
16.99 $

Beneath little orange peel hats hides an ultra-refreshing orange sorbet!

4 Frosted Coconuts

330 g
16.99 $

Need to freshen up? Bet on originality with this coconut ice cream presented in its natural bark.

Savor an explosion of fruity flavors with our exquisite selection of frozen products. Harvested at their peak of ripeness and instantly frozen to capture their natural essence, our frozen fruits ensure preserved aromas and nutrients at their best. Our commitment to quality means that each piece retains its texture and authentic taste, offering you an endless source of freshness for all your creative cravings. Discover uncompromising convenience and versatility with our frozen fruits, allowing you to enjoy seasonal delights year-round. Explore our extensive range of fruit popsicles, frozen fruits, and frozen treats for a refreshing and fruity experience with every bite. For lovers of frozen treats, our popsicles are a true temptation. These delicious delights combine the freshness of fruits with a creamy texture for an unforgettable frozen pleasure. Each bite transports you to a fruity paradise. Our frozen fruits provide a convenient and delightful alternative to fresh produce. Whether you're preparing revitalizing smoothies, indulgent desserts, or fruity salads, our selection of frozen fruits is both versatile and delicious. From whole frozen strawberries to sliced peaches and diced pineapple, each product is carefully chosen and picked at peak ripeness to preserve the freshness and nutritional benefits of the fruits. Fans of light desserts will be delighted by our assortment of sorbets.

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