Dauphine Potatoes (Potato Puffs)

1.0 kg
13.99 $

Less known in Canada but highly prized by French cuisine, dauphine potatoes provide a superior way to enjoy your spuds, and we want to introduce them to you! Light and...

Noisette Potatoes

1.0 kg
11.29 $9.59 $

Do you know the ''Noisette'' potatoes'? Prepared from mashed potatoes, they are perfect to accompany a supper, the whole family will love them (especially children!).

Sarladaise Potatoes

600 g
9.49 $

Sarlat potatoes originate from Sarlat in south-western France. Absolutely delicious, these finely sliced potatoes cooked with garlic and duck fat are the perfect accompaniment to your meats and poultry.

4 Potato Gratins

480 g
11.99 $

Discover our authentic dauphinois gratin! Made according to the traditional recipe from thin slices of potatoes, cream, Emmental cheese and flavoured with a touch of nutmeg, these gratins dauphinois are...

French Fries with Duck Fat

500 g
8.99 $

These crispy potato fries are already seasoned and cooked in duck fat for a unique taste you won't want to do without! Made in the South West of France, these...

Potato Puree

1.0 kg
12.99 $

Delicious mashed potatoes, quick and easy to prepare! Cooked with only the best cream and butter. Portionable product in pebble form, for ease of use.

Mushroom Fricassee with Parsley Cream

450 g
10.29 $8.79 $

A savoury blend of four mushrooms cooked with parsley cream, perfect as a side dish or to garnish your risottos, omelettes and pasta.

Grilled Vegetable Tart

400 g
9.99 $

A delicate crust filled with grilled vegetables (zucchinis, cherry tomatoes, onions, red peppers and olives). Serve with a green salad for a delicious light lunch.

Cooked Ratatouille - 4 portions

600 g
9.99 $7.99 $

Here's a tasty traditional ratatouille composed of zucchini, grilled eggplant, tomatoes, onions and peppers. It's all delicately cooked in a tomato sauce with extra virgin olive oil. Cooked French ratatouille...

Potato Gnocchi

1.0 kg
14.49 $

Italian-style potato gnocchi. Garnish as desired with grated cheese, tomato sauce... the possibilities are endless!

Stir Fry Asparagus, Mushrooms & Peas

450 g
15.99 $12.49 $

Pair your meat, game, and fish with this delicious mix of frozen stir-fried vegetables. This selection includes green asparagus tips, delicious crunchy peas, sliced red onions, pholiot mushrooms, and chanterelle...

Duck-fat Hashbrowns

500 g
9.99 $8.49 $

Looking for a tasty side dish? Discover these delicious potatoes! Our duck fat hashbrowns are enhanced with a hint of garlic and use only simple, high-quality ingredients. A delectable treat...

Duck Fat Potato Wedges

500 g
9.99 $8.49 $

Complement your culinary creations with our frozen potato wedges. Cooked in duck fat with a hint of parsley, Guérande salt, and garlic for a rich flavour, our quartered potatoes pair...

Quebec-style Potato Gratin

600 g
14.99 $

Looking for a comforting dish that the whole family will love? Discover our potato gratin with cheese curds! A Quebecois take on the dauphinoise casserole with that squeaky cheese we...

Cranberry Smashed Potatoes

450 g
9.99 $

Infused with butternut squash and cranberry pieces, our expertly prepared smashed potatoes from Maison Thiriet elevate any meal. This vegetarian dish is quick to prepare and complements meats, fish, or...

Our vegetables are meticulously selected for their freshness and exceptional quality. They are expertly prepared to retain their nutritional benefits and authentic flavors. Our classic ratatouille is a true cornucopia of vegetables, simmered in a creamy sauce. Complement your dishes with our mushroom fricassee, a delectable and aromatic treat for sautéed mushroom enthusiasts. If you're craving a crispy alternative, savor our frites – potato sticks that are crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. For an unparalleled taste experience, choose our bistro fries, crafted with love. Elevate your meals with our vegetable tart, a burst of color and flavor encased in a flaky pastry shell. For aficionados of traditional cuisine, our potato gratin is a must-try, featuring layers of tender potatoes and a golden gratin topping. And for those in search of a unique culinary adventure, our duck fat fries are an irresistible delight, boasting a crispy texture and savory taste. To complement your dishes, opt for our hazelnut potatoes – bite-sized gourmet morsels that add a playful touch to your plate. Let's not forget our renowned 'pommes de terre' Dauphine, fluffy potato croquettes that are perfect as a side dish or appetizer.

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