2 Premade Pizza Dough

500 g
6.99 $

Save time in the kitchen with this pizza dough package of 2. Skip the floury mess with a solution that impresses everyone at the dining table. Our frozen pizza dough...

Thin Crust Margherita Pizza

330 g
8.29 $

Nurture your love affair with Italian cuisine! Our Neapolitan-style Margherita pizza is topped with a rich tomato sauce, mozzarella, and aromatic spices. Cooked in a wood-fired oven, the dough provides...

Savoury Zucchini Bread with Tomato and Goat Cheese

240 g
9.49 $8.59 $

This savoury zucchini bread with goat cheese and tomato is the perfect snack to share with friends. Tasty chunks of goat cheese and tomato rub shoulders with grilled zucchini and...

Salmon and Leek Flammekueche

8.99 $

Already a fan of the renowned Alsatian flambéed tarts? Dive into our flammekueche version featuring salmon and leeks. This salmon tart combines the essence of a French onion tart with...

3 Cheese Tart

400 g
9.99 $

Savoury tart for cheese lovers! A delicious egg tart made from Emmental, Comté and Beaufort cheeses, with a touch of crème fraîche. Serve with a green salad.

Grilled Vegetable Tart

400 g
9.99 $

A delicate crust filled with grilled vegetables (zucchinis, cherry tomatoes, onions, red peppers and olives). Serve with a green salad for a delicious light lunch.

4 Boursin Cheese Pastry Baskets

320 g
12.49 $9.99 $

The perfect combination of Boursin cheese with a pure butter pastry... Green salads will not be able to live without this delicious appetizer!

Salmon & Leek Tart

400 g
10.49 $

Salmon and leeks combine deliciously in this savoury tart to share! Quick and easy to prepare, serve with a green salad for the perfect light lunch, as a starter or...

Alsatian Frozen Pizza

450 g
10.49 $

Discover the warmth and richness of our exquisite Alsatian pizza. Adorned with indulgent ingredients, it's the quintessential dish for your winter evening gatherings, featuring aromatic Munster cheese, tender lardons, and...

Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza

470 g
10.49 $

Fan of cheesy delights? Then you'll love Maison Thiriet’s cheese pizza! It’s a velvety blend of mozzarella, cheddar and Emmental, enhanced with red onions, a creamy base and the chef's...

Quiche Lorraine

15.99 $

Rekindle your love for traditional quiche Lorraine, a dish that evokes the warmth of home cooking. Our version, crafted with fresh, superior ingredients, offers a delightful culinary experience. The recipe...

Broccoli and Cheddar Quiche

15.99 $

For those who savour simple and comforting treats, our broccoli cheddar quiche is a perfect choice. Expertly prepared by master pastry chefs, it features a harmonious blend of rich and...

Spinach Quiche

15.99 $

Crafted by master pastry chefs, our spinach and goat cheese quiche offers a rich and flavourful experience. Enjoy its golden, crispy crust, enriched with a blend of fresh spinach and...

Shrimp and Scallop Pie

500 g
17.99 $

Enjoy our traditional shrimp and scallop seafood pie, generously filled with a creme fraiche sauce, scallops, peeled shrimp, and baby vegetables. It’s all topped by a buttery puff pastry that...

Salmon Wellington

700 g
19.99 $

Our frozen salmon wellington is likely to become your new favourite sharing dish. We've coated a beautiful boneless Norwegian salmon fillet with a browned puff pastry. A creamy yet delicate...

We're thrilled to introduce our delectable assortment of ready-to-eat pizzas and quiches. Whether you're a fan of traditional pizza or prefer more adventurous flavors, our diverse range is certain to please every palate. We offer a wide variety of frozen pizzas, expertly crafted to maintain their freshness and authentic taste. Whether you crave a classic Margherita or desire a more elaborate creation featuring top-tier ingredients like smoked salmon, sun-dried tomatoes, goat's cheese, and mozzarella, our selection will fulfill all your desires. For those who enjoy home cooking, we also provide frozen pizza dough, perfect for crafting your own personalized creations. With our ready-to-use dough, you can let your imagination run wild and craft unique pizzas with your favorite toppings. Additionally, we invite you to explore our assortment of frozen quiches and tarts. Ideal for a quick and flavorful meal, our quiches come in a variety of flavors, including vegetarian options for those who appreciate fresh, nutritious vegetables. Whether it's a light lunch, a delightful dinner, or an evening with friends, our frozen quiches and tarts promise a convenient and delicious culinary experience. Quality stands as our utmost priority. All of our products are meticulously prepared using carefully selected ingredients, ensuring an authentic flavor in every bite. Furthermore, deep-freezing preserves the freshness, nutrients, and texture of our products, delivering an optimal taste experience.

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