Dive into the brilliant world of hassle-free cooking with the Airfryer. This innovative kitchen appliance, a true culinary magician, promises an exceptional taste experience by transforming frozen foods into crispy delights. Whether you're a fan of breaded fish, tasty nuggets, or crunchy vegetables, the Airfryer offers quick cooking, preserving flavor and texture without added fats.

Explore our guide to the top 10 frozen foods to cook in the Airfryer for deliciously simple and hassle-free cooking. Cool & Simple makes every meal as easy as it is delicious!

What is an Airfryer?

The Airfryer, or hot air fryer, is a revolution in modern cooking. Unlike traditional fryers that use a significant amount of oil, the Airfryer circulates hot air at a high temperature around the food. It creates a delicious, crispy layer on the outside while preserving juiciness on the inside. Its compact design and easy use make it an ideal ally for amateur cooks and culinary enthusiasts.

Daily Benefits of the Airfryer

Healthier Cooking

Using up to 80% less fat than traditional cooking methods, the Airfryer allows you to savour deliciously crispy dishes without compromising your health or taste.

Speed and Efficiency

Thanks to its rapid cooking technology, the Airfryer saves you valuable time.Preheating is unnecessary; it quickly reaches the ideal temperature for perfect cooking.

Culinary Versatility

From fries to vegetables, meats, and desserts, the Airfryer excels in preparing various dishes. Its versatility makes it an essential tool for diversifying your daily menu. As you've understood, the ideal Cool & Simple and Airfryer combo allows you to work wonders in the kitchen!

Simplified Cleaning

Equipped with removable and easy-to-clean parts, the Airfryer eliminates the hassle of cleaning after cooking. Welcome simplicity in daily life.

10 Frozen Foods That Quickly Prepare in the Airfryer

Breaded Fish: Crispy Fish Sticks

Dive into the crispy delight of fish sticks and breaded filets with the Airfryer. Even cooking without the addition of oil preserves the tenderness of the fish.

Nuggets and Chicken Wings: A Feast of Crunch

Explore the world of nuggets, meatballs, filets, drumsticks, and chicken wings (even in a vegetarian version with cauliflower wings). Oil-free cooking ensures quick preparation, delivering crispy results with every bite.

Fries and Potatoes: Potatoes in All Forms

Discover the diversity of fries, Dauphine, Noisette, and breakfast potatoes with optimal cooking that preserves their texture and flavor. Bland potatoes are a thing of the past with Cool & Simple and the Airfryer!

Vegetables: An Explosion of Seasoned Frozen Flavors

Season your favorite frozen vegetables (cooked or plain) and discover how the Airfryer preserves their freshness, leaving them crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.

Dumplings: Exotic Bites with Perfect Crispiness

Let yourself be carried away by the exoticism of crispy dumplings, gyoza, or pierogies with the Airfryer, revealing a unique texture with every bite.

Gratins: Melting and Crispy to Perfection

Potato gratins, vegetable gratins, or lasagnas achieve a perfect texture with oil-free and uniform cooking, combining melting and crispiness.

Fried Calamari and Shrimp: Dive into an Ocean of Flavors

Fry calamari, popcorn or tempura shrimp with the Airfryer for a home marine experience without traditional frying.

Samosas and Spring Rolls: A Culinary Journey with Every Bite

Explore exotic flavors with samosas, spring rolls, phyllo pastries, spanakopita, and other crispy bites, all thanks to the simplicity of your hot air fryer.

Pizzas: Mini Pizzas and Maxi Pleasure

The Airfryer allows you to bake mini-pizzas, quiches, savoury pies, or even complete pizzas with a crispy crust, ready in record time.

Pastries: Morning Comfort in an Instant

Start your day with comforting and deliciously crispy pastries. Baking them in the Airfryer saves precious time—no one wants to wait for the oven to preheat, right? And are you more of a croissant or a chocolate croissant person?

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where should I put the oil in an Airfryer?

To maximize flavour without compromising health, lightly apply the oil directly to the food or use an oil spray. Avoid filling the basket with oil, as the Airfryer primarily operates with hot air, requiring only a tiny amount to achieve crispy cooking.

What can you cook in an Airfryer?

The possibilities are endless! From crispy fries to flavorful chicken wings, roasted vegetables, and indulgent desserts, the Airfryer excels in preparing various dishes, offering even and quick cooking to satisfy all culinary cravings.

What is the difference between an Airfryer and a traditional oven?

The main distinction lies in the cooking method. The Airfryer uses circulating hot air at high temperatures to create a crispy texture with less oil. Unlike a traditional oven, the Airfryer preheats quickly and provides faster cooking, ideal for those looking for a quick and healthy alternative.

Is the taste preserved with Airfryer cooking?

Absolutely! Its hot air circulation technology ensures even cooking, creating a crispy texture on the outside while maintaining flavor and juiciness on the inside. Frozen foods retain their delicious taste, providing a satisfying, tasty, and convenient culinary experience!

How to cook frozen foods in the Airfryer?

To cook frozen foods in the Airfryer, place the items in the basket (you can lightly oil them, but it's not essential), then set the temperature and recommended cooking time per the user manual. A chef's tip: shake or flip the foods halfway through cooking for an even result. For more details, feel free to consult this user manual!

The Benefits of Airfryer with Cool & Simple

From pizzas to exotic bites, gratins, and morning pastries, the Airfryer allows you to cook a variety of products quickly. With the Airfryer, every bite becomes a promise of speed, while Cool & Simple enhances your daily life with diverse, fresh, healthy, and balanced dishes. In short, it's the perfect alliance for hassle-free cooking, where quality meets ease. Rediscover the joy of eating well without compromises.