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4 gâteaux Paris Brest individuels

320 g
19.99 $

La grande pâtisserie française s'invite à votre table avec ces 4 gâteaux Paris Brest individuels! Célèbres couronnes de pâte à choux saupoudrées d'amandes effilées et garnies d'une onctueuse mousse praliné-noisette.4...

2 crèmes brûlées à la vanille de Madagascar

240 g
13.99 $

Voici une délicieuse recette de crèmes brûlées traditionnelles. La crème est faite à base de crème fraîche et de jaunes d'oeufs. Vient avec deux sachets de cassonnade pour une caramélisation...

Tiramisu au café - 6 parts

500 g
19.99 $

Inspiré du dessert italien, ce tiramisu au café se compose de 2 couches de mousse à la crème fraîche et au mascarpone, et de 2 couches de biscuits imbibés de...

Gâteau mousse au chocolat croquant praliné

330 g
19.99 $

Vous hésitez entre le moelleux de la mousse au chocolat et le croquant du praliné? Nous avons la combinaison parfaite: ce gâteau mousse au chocolat croquant est simplement irrésistible. De...

4 tartelettes portugaises (pasteis de nata)

240 g
9.99 $

Nos tartelettes portugaises sont composées d'une pâte feuilletée pur beurre croustillante garnie généreusement d'un appareil au lait, aux oeufs et à la crème. Après quelques minutes au four, ces pasteis...

6 Fruit macarons from Point G

90 g
12.49 $

Want to discover the best macarons in Montreal? look no further than this box from Point G! These 6 fruit macarons fire off every one of your tastebuds. 5 delectable...

Bande charlotte fruits rouges

800 g
24.99 $

Pour les amateurs de dessert aux fruits rouges! Une alternance de génoise, de mousse framboise et biscuits à  la cuillère moelleux avec un décor gourmand et généreux. Facilement portionnable, peut...

Fauchon Chocolate Mousse Cake

375 g
22.49 $

This chocolate mousse cake satisfies even the most intense cocoa cravings! We’ve selected this dark chocolate mousse sponge cake for its reputation and high-quality ingredients. Sprinkled with chocolate chips, the...

Fauchon Mixed Berry Mousse Cake

380 g
22.49 $

Craving something other than chocolate? Our red berry mousse cake is here to appease. Whether served as a birthday cake or a festive final course for family and friends, its...

Fauchon Exotic Mango Coconut Passion Tart

540 g
22.49 $16.87 $

Our mango passion fruit pie with coconut meringue is delicate and dazzlingly exotic. It’s composed of a crunchy pure-butter shortbread base, a mouth-watering mango and passion fruit jelly, and topped...

Tarte aux pommes prédécoupée

1 kg
18.99 $

Cette tarte aux pommes est tellement délicieuse que vos invités croiront que vous l'avez cuisinée vous -même! Base de pâte sablée pur beurre garnie d'une compote de pommes et de...

10 Red Fruits Mini Beignets

250 g
7.49 $

Spoil yourself with our mini beignets filled with red fruits! A delicious traditional recipe made with fresh eggs and butter to be enjoyed again and again!

5 Tatin Tartlets

600 g
15.99 $

Have you ever tasted a Tarte Tatin? This delicious dessert consists of a delicate buttery shortcrust pastry topped with generous caramelized apple wedges. For even more indulgence, serve it warm...

5 Lemon Tartlets

800 g
15.99 $

For all the lemon pie lovers, these delicious tartlets will delight your sweet tooth! Made according to the authentic recipe with pure butter sweet crust, lemon cream and fresh eggs....

5 Apple Tartlets

1 kg
15.99 $

Enjoy these delicious apple tartlets made from thinly sliced fresh apples and topped with a bed of fresh applesauce. They are made with a delicious butter shortcrust pastry base that...

2 chocolate fondants

180 g
7.49 $

If there's one Cool&Simple product you should try, it's these delicious chocolate melts! Cooked according to a traditional recipe with butter, eggs, sugar and good chocolate, these comforting desserts will...

9 Mini Molten Cake Assortment

324 g
12.49 $

Cooked according to a traditional recipe with butter, eggs, sugar and good chocolate, this assortment of 9 mini chocolate fondants will seduce your taste buds! Composed of 3 different hearts:...

12 Macarons de Paris

120 g
10.99 $

Let yourself be tempted by these 12 macarons de Paris made according to the French know-how: a round and airy shell with a melting and creamy heart. Who doesn't like...

10 Choco-Hazelnut Mini Beignet

250 g
7.49 $

Treat yourself with our mini beignets filled with hazelnut chocolate! A delicious traditional recipe made with fresh eggs and butter to be enjoyed again and again!

Blueberry Pie

430 g
12.99 $

An all butter shortbread crust covered with a raspberry compote and a bed of whole blueberries. This blueberry pie is to die for!

12 Party Time Mini Desserts

420 g
17.99 $

Delight your guests with these cute little desserts inspired by French fine pastries. Assortment of 12 mini desserts: 3 framboisiers, 3 opera, 3 chocolate hazelnut crips, 3 caramel crisps

2 Chocolate Hazelnut Crunchy Cakes

140 g
8.99 $

Melt for this chocolate gourmet dessert made of a cocoa sponge cake topped with a hazelnut and milk chocolate crisp and a dark chocolate mousse.


180 g
5.50 $

For cheesecake lovers! Crack on this delicious cheesecake recipe with a cinnamon crumble base for a unique taste and texture. Customize it with berries, coulis, or other ingredients to suit...

6 Wheat Crepes

300 g
6.99 $

Enjoy these thin pancakes warm or cold, with a sweet or savoury filling, as a main dish, a snack or a dessert. Authentic Breton pancakes to garnish, to the delight...

10 Caramel Mini Beignet

250 g
7.49 $

How about a delicious caramel-filled mini beignet to go with your coffee? Melt for this delicious traditional recipe made with fresh eggs and butter. Don't wait any longer and treat...

12 Brussel Waffles

480 g
10.99 $

With its crispy outside and melt-in-the-mouth interior, this typical Belgian waffle is used in sweet desserts or savoury meals. Let your creativity run free! Golden and light, this waffle is...

Kouign-Amann Cake

350 g
10.99 $

Discover this traditional butter pastry cake from Brittany! The round buttery layers of flaky pastry and caramelized sugar will conquer your taste buds.

Fauchon Lemon Tart

450 g
16.99 $

Discover the haute couture of French pastry with this Fauchon pie made of lemon ganache and almond feuilletine on a base of pure-butter shortbread.

Fauchon Chocolate Tart

430 g
16.99 $12.74 $

It's a fact, consuming chocolate increase happiness! Melt over the unparallelled sensation of praline and chocolate ganache in a pure-butter shortbread crust. Happiness starts with this perfect Fauchon chocolate pie!

Chocolate Fondant

450 g
10.99 $

Already baked, this delicious melting cake to share will delight all chocolate lovers! Baked according to the traditional recipe with quality ingredients.

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