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Whole Extra Fine Green Beans

1 kg
8.99 $

As good as fresh green beans, these extra-fine, stringless beans are carefully sorted and hulled to guarantee the highest quality. Ideal for a healthy lunch or dinner. Delicious as a...

Chopped Spinach

1 kg
8.99 $

Served plain or cooked with cream, this vegetable is very rich in vitamins and minerals. Popeye was right to eat so much spinach!

Countryside Mushroom Blend

1 kg
13.49 $

Always have delicious mushrooms on hand to use in your recipes! Mixture of wild and cultivated mushrooms: oyster mushroom, bolete, shiitake and pholiote. Perfect in pasta, risottos, omelettes or as...

Sliced Leeks

1 kg
8.99 $

For recipes calling for chopped leeks, use these pre-washed and sliced frozen sliced leeks. Easy peasy!

Small Sweet Peas

450 g
5.50 $

Flash frozen right after picking, these sweet peas are tender and so tasty.

Julienne Vegetables

750 g
8.99 $

Looking for a way to add more vegetables to your diet? Have some julienned vegetables on hand! When you forego all the washing, trimming, and cutting, adding vegetables to your...

Shelled Edamame

400 g
7.99 $

Bring an asian touch to your dishes with these shelled edamame, grown in Canada.

Sliced Onions

1 kg
6.25 $

Save time (and tears!) by using our sliced onions in your recipes! Our frozen onions are prepared from fresh onions that have been carefully peeled and then finely sliced before...

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