Frozen Mangos 1kg

1.0 kg
9.99 $

Experience the exotic flavours of tropical mangoes with our premium frozen mangoes—perfect for adding a sunny touch to your recipes. Our mangoes are carefully selected, peeled, and cut before being...

Frozen Pineapple 1kg

1.0 kg
9.99 $

Experience the tropical sweetness of pineapple with our frozen pineapple chunks—an easier way to savour this exotic fruit anytime. Our pineapples are carefully selected, cut, and rapidly frozen to preserve...

Cooked Chicken Drumsticks for BBQ

1.0 kg
19.99 $

Nothing beats our bbq chicken drumsticks! Making dinnertime—or anytime—a breeze, our BBQ chicken drumsticks are pre-cooked, marinated and ready to hit the grill. They work great as a tasty dish...

Le Bilboquet Choco Chic Dark Chocolate Ice Cream - 500ml

500 ml
6.99 $

Indulge in the irresistible taste of our Choco Chic ice cream from Le Bilboquet. Made with 56% dark chocolate, it's the perfect cure for your evening cocoa cravings. Experience the...

Le Bilboquet Strawberry Basil Sorbet 500 ml

500 ml
6.99 $

In search of an artisanal frozen dessert to impress guests? Look no further than our Strawberry Basil Sorbet. Why not add a scoop to your mojito?The addition of fresh basil...

8 Mini Chocolate-Hazelnut Doughnuts

200 g
8.99 $

Indulge your sweet tooth with our mini chocolate hazelnut doughnuts. Crafted using a traditional French recipe, these doughnuts are creamy and soft. Ideal for a dessert or a spontaneous treat!...

8 Mini Red Fruit Doughnuts

200 g
8.99 $

Craving a treat? Dig in to our mini fruit doughnuts, perfectly-sized morsels for your afternoon cravings. Crafted following a French recipe, these doughnuts comprise butter, fresh eggs, and a luscious...

Chocolate Fondant

450 g
14.99 $

Already baked, this delicious melting cake to share will delight all chocolate lovers! Baked according to the traditional recipe with quality ingredients.

Frozen Vegetable Fried Rice

600 g
9.99 $

On your busiest days, indulge in a meal that's both convenient and delightfully satisfying. Experience Maison Thiriet's Vegetable Fried Rice and let the rich tapestry of Southeast Asian flavours unfold...

Grilled Vegetable Lasagna

900 g
15.99 $13.29 $

This delicious vegetarian lasagna gets a nod of approval from nonna. Filled with vibrant Italian vegetables, a hearty tomato sauce, and a generous layer of mozzarella, it's a treat for...

Frozen Almond-Pear Tart

490 g
15.99 $14.99 $

Indulge in Maison Thiriet's pear and almond tart. Born from French culinary tradition, its velvety texture and subtle sweetness elevate every occasion.French originMade with Williams pearsPure buttery crustOven-ready

Frozen Gluten-Free Raspberry and Pistachio Cake

890 g
33.99 $

Raspberry and Pistachio CakeL'Atelier Sucré by Marie-Ève Langlois presents our latest: the Raspberry and Pistachio Cake—a delightful, shareable 6-inch indulgence. We set out with a clear goal: to craft a...

Tailored specifically for young budding gourmets, our 'Children's Menu' category is designed to delight not only little ones but perhaps adults as well! Our diverse selection of children's meals offers both delicious and nutritionally balanced options that will satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. Whether it's dinner or dessert, we have everything you need to cater to the appetites of young gourmets. Our children's meals are meticulously crafted using high-quality ingredients, handpicked for their nutritional benefits. Each recipe is thoughtfully designed with the unique dietary requirements of children in mind, ensuring a harmonious blend of proteins, vegetables, and starches, while minimizing the use of added sugars and artificial additives. Whether your child adores classic dishes like crispy chicken nuggets or juicy burgers, or leans towards healthier choices like vibrant vegetables paired with delectable sauces, we offer a variety of meals to cater to every preference. Our children's desserts, indulgent yet whimsical, provide a magical finishing touch to every meal.

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