9 Greek Appetizers

180 g
14.99 $

Celebrate happy hour the Mediterranean way by serving these delicious Greek appetizers. This Greek meze platter features an assortment of 9 Greek canapes, including 3 soft eggplant and goat cheese...

9 Cheese Pizzas Bites

270 g
9.99 $

Hosting a Cocktail Party? Elevate your gathering with mini pizza frozen treats that rival any upscale eatery. These cheese mini pizza bites are not only delectable but also fuss-free to...

Crispy Tempura Shrimp

141 g
9.99 $

Seeking a festive appetizer? Discover Maison Thiriet's crispy fried shrimp! Crafted with premium ingredients, these deep-fried shrimp feature a much-loved tempura batter. Savour them as starters or appetizers, perfectly complemented...

Frozen Vegan Arancini

10.99 $

So, what is arancini, anyway? Hailing from Italy, these delectable rice balls have made a mark globally. Crafted from luscious risotto and enveloped in a crisp shell, our vegetarian arancini...

Frozen Vegan Taquitos

10.99 $

Dive into the crispy world of our vegan taquitos, packed with rich flavour! These frozen delights, suited for vegetarians and vegans, are made from a blend of fresh vegetables, plant-based...

Plant-Based Croquettes

300 g
10.99 $

For those who appreciate appetizers that are both tender on the inside and crisp on the outside, these vegan croquettes from État Végétal are a must-try. Skillfully blended to achieve...

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